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WWE Legend Ric Flair Claims To Have Had Sex With 10,000 Women

WWE Legend Ric Flair Claims To Have Had Sex With 10,000 Women

Flair is one of the most legendary names in WWE history.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

WWE legend Ric Flair once claimed he has slept with 10,000 women in his life thanks to an iconic wrestling career.

Flair, real name Richard Fliehr, had a career that spanned 40 years across multiple top promotions and is a bonafide icon.

He adopted the 'Nature Boy' moniker and became a man who lived the gimmick of being the 'dirtiest player in the game.'

The 72-year-old sat down with ESPN for an incredibly personal 30 for 30 in 2017 and told them he had sex with 'up to 10,000 women' in his prime.

If you want to crunch the numbers (why would you?) then that means if Flair has been sexually active since 16, he's bedded three different women a week for 54 years on average.

Flair used the documentary as therapy session, admitting that despite being married four times (at the time of recording), he found that monogamy wasn't for him.

He said: "I probably took it real serious for about a day. ... I mean, I tried, but it just - I was miserable."

Since then the North Carolina native has been married for a fifth time, tying the knot with Wendy Barlow in 2018.

Everyone who knows wrestling has heard stories of Flair's legendary benders and he proved in 2019 that nobody is safe.

During an appearance on Monday Night Raw to promote Crown Jewel, 'Naitch' destroyed a fan who interrupted his promo with a 'WOOO' chant.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer told the fan with a grin on his face: "Tell your girlfriend that, buddy.

"I used to know your mother."


His lothario lifestyle was the complete opposite to 80s icon Hulk Hogan, who portrayed an American hero and was a massive fan favourite.

How did the man himself sum up that difference? Quite simply.

"He was selling vitamins and milk. I was selling sex and booze."

Flair's most recent appearance on WWE TV saw him begin an on-screen romance with Lacey Evans, who was feuding with his daughter Charlotte.

The feud was dropped however due to Evans' real-life pregnancy and Flair hasn't appeared on the show since.

Featured Image Credit: WWE & ESPN

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