WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Montez Ford Sits Down For A Round Of Locker Room Talk

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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Montez Ford Sits Down For A Round Of Locker Room Talk

Montez Ford is one of the most charismatic performers in WWE today.

The 30-year-old, one half of WWE Smackdown tag team champions 'The Street Profits', is wildly entertaining and you can't help but "want the smoke" that he and partner Angelo Dawkins bring to the ring.


A former US marine, Ford made the switch to professional wrestling and joined the WWE Performance Center after a successful try-out.


Having debuted in NXT in 2015, he's since gone on to become a triple crown tag team champion across WWE's three brands.

Fresh from a huge win over 'The New Day' at Survivor Series, Ford put his red cup down and spoke to SPORTbible for 'Locker Room Talk,' a deep and sometimes surprising dive into your favourite WWE superstars behind the scenes.

SPORTbible: Best entrance music?


Montez Ford: Aw man! For me I really like 'The Undisputed Era's entrance music. It just really gets me, the guitar, the whole bassline - it's cool. I think everybody else feels the same way. I would say they probably have the best entrance music besides us.

We've had big clashes, we would make our entrance first and when they would come out, I find myself going, 'Aw man, this music is banging!'. With everyone's music I always try and see if I can vibe with it the same way they do.

SPORTbible: Best dancer?


Montez Ford: Well that's me of course! (laughs) But we're not talking about me, we're talking about the locker room. I would say AJ Styles has surprised me a few times with his wave.

I remember one time he was imitating something I was doing and he had a nice little wave. AJ Styles got some moves up his sleeves, don't let him fool you!


I really haven't been out with people to dance recently because of the pandemic but Titus [O'Neil] got some moves as well. Ricochet is another person as well. He actually moves the same way on the dancefloor as he does in the ring.

SPORTbible: Best singer?

Montez Ford: I know it's not about me but I'm usually the one that's busting out a tune or singing a jingle most of the time. I try and find a way to sing with everything. Keith Lee has got a nice, harmonising voice.

SPORTbible: Best rapper?


Montez Ford: My partner Angelo Dawkins got some bars, Ricochet got some bars, I got some bars. We usually have a little cypher in the car rides sometimes. I would say MVP, Cedric Alexander got some bars as well. And another one, he may act like he don't, but AJ Styles. He's 'The Phenomenal One' for a reason. Put him on the spot and see what he comes up with.

SPORTbible: Best fashion sense?

Montez Ford: I would say myself, Ricochet, the entire Hurt Business - they always dress nice. Of course Vinny Mac, Vince McMahon and definitely Triple H as well. I'm a huge fan of tailored suits and anytime I see a bunch of gentleman wearing some tailored suits I'm like, 'Aw that's nice!'.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

Bo Dallas is pretty clean as well. He has a lot of different stuff. My wife [Bianca Belair] as well, she got a whole bunch of different things she does like with the ponytail, the lipstick and the colour of her nails. Everything is very eccentric.

Whatever you see people doing attire-wise, that's pretty much what they're doing fashion-wise. Even though I would say I'm top of the list (laughs).

SPORTbible: Biggest prankster?

Montez Ford: I would definitely say my partner Angelo Dawkins. He loves not only getting under people's skin but leading them to a certain point and then seeing the reaction. Angelo Dawkins has got to be the biggest prankster, hands down.

SPORTbible: Most intelligent?

Montez Ford: I would say Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan hands down. His conversations, you can just tell it's not in my league. He's just smart, man. The way he puts together and logically. I would also say Sami Zayn, they are two of the most intelligent people I've ever had a conversation with. I get smarter just saying 'Hi' to them!

SPORTbible: Best travel partner?

Montez Ford: We had a little travel squad. It was myself, Angelo Dawkins, Ricochet and the referee, Eddie. Those are the highlight travel people to be with. A whole lot of jokes, a whole lot of orange juice, a whole lot of dissing and just nonsense galore.

SPORTbible: Which WWE superstar would have the weirdest job?

Montez Ford: I would probably say 'Doz' [Otis] because it's a lot of positions where I don't know if the uniforms would fit him, man. He's just so big and I feel like he would be completely noticeable whether he was in WWE or not.

Can you imagine him being like a Walmart greeter? I don't know if it would be weird but it would just be different for him. I think it would be funny.

SPORTbible: Who is the strongest?

Montez Ford: Definitely my wife. She pretty much tosses me out of the house if I ever step out of line! (laughs). Keith Lee and Doz are definitely two of the strongest guys as well. They're freakishly strong, man.

SPORTbible: Best opponent?

Montez Ford: Man, that's a great question too. Can I say everybody? If you wanna talk about super highlights I would definitely say Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Cesaro is a genetic freak - that's another person for being strong. He's definitely up there.

Undisputed Era - love all the stuff we've done with them. Had some clashes with the Forgotten Sons as well - they're great guys to be in the ring with. AJ Styles as well, when we first debuted we had a couple of encounters with him and it was crazy.

Definitely Daniel Bryan, we've had an eight-man tag before. Randy Orton as well. These guys are fantastic and flawless. I like getting in there with everybody to not only challenge myself and Dawkins but to show everyone we belong in these conversations.

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