Liverpool Used A Decoy Bus To Throw Off Manchester United Fans And Arrive At Old Trafford

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Liverpool Used A Decoy Bus To Throw Off Manchester United Fans And Arrive At Old Trafford

Liverpool players arrived at Old Trafford safely after a decoy bus threw off Manchester United supporters.

Thousands of fans were once again protesting against the Glazer family and attempted to disrupt the fixture for a second time when pictures showed Liverpool's official bus being blocked on a side street near the Hyatt Regency hotel the team were staying at.


The tyres on the vehicle, which featured Liverpool's crest, were also punctured, before a police escort was provided just after 6pm following the stoppage.


But it later emerged that Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool squad were not on the bus. Instead, it was a Line of Duty style decoy that duped supporters.


The actual bus carrying the Reds took a different route that meant they avoided supporters at the John Gilbert Way entrance and were able to access the stadium with relative ease just before 7pm.

Sky Sports posted a video of the visitors arriving for the match on social media.


As a result, no postponement is necessary and the game will go ahead as planned at 8.15pm.

In a bid to avoid a repeat scenario from 2 May, United players players arrived at the stadium SIX hours early and drove their own cars as opposed to being transported from the Lowry Hotel as normal.

Two buses did dummy runs to further deceive United supporters.

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