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FIFA 23 Will Be 'Free-To-Play' According To Extraordinary Leak From Reliable 'Insider'

FIFA 23 Will Be 'Free-To-Play' According To Extraordinary Leak From Reliable 'Insider'

This would be huge.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

FIFA developers EA Sports are reportedly looking at making the series 'free-to-play' from FIFA 23 onwards.

The hit franchise's next instalment, FIFA 22, is set to launch on October 1 this year and will be a full-priced title.

But big changes could be coming according to a leaker who believes next year's version will ring the changes.

Reliable Twitter user Donk has hinted that cross-platform play could finally be implemented next year after huge demand.

That means players can play with or against each other no matter what console they have.

Want to face your mate but you're on PlayStation and he's on Xbox? Or want to make the ultimate Pro Club across every console? FIFA 23 could make that dream a reality.

Take it all with a pinch of salt for now though. FIFA 22 isn't even out yet and EA Sports are yet to make an official statement.

One huge factor in all this could be Konami announcing Pro Evolution Soccer's major overhaul this year.

PES has been FIFA's biggest rival for years, but it will not be continuing in its current form.

Starting this year, the series will be known as eFootball and no longer release yearly or physically.

At launch, cross-generation matchmaking will be available and when winter rolls around, that will then progress to complete cross-platform play.

On release, huge clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, FC Bayern, and Manchester United will be playable thanks to Konami's official licensing contracts.

They have drafted in Lionel Messi and Neymar as ambassadors for eFootball, with Gerard Pique and Andres Iniesta named as "official advisors" on the game.

The first game under the eFootball banner will use Unreal Engine and include an all-new technology called "Motion Matching".

"The system provides more than four times as many animations as before, achieving highly realistic movement," Konami said in a press release.

"Motion Matching will be utilised across all eFootball platforms, including last-gen consoles, PCs and mobile."

Although free, some game modes not yet named will be used as optional downloadable content.

Meanwhile, FIFA 22 has promised new features for fans while 'Create A Club' has already been confirmed.

What do you think about football games going free-to-play?

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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