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Fans Upload Footage To 'Prove' Scripting Is In FIFA 21 And How Badly It Affects The Game

Fans Upload Footage To 'Prove' Scripting Is In FIFA 21 And How Badly It Affects The Game

"This year, [scripting] has been worse than its ever been," one fan said. FIFA 21 players are once again suggesting that scripting is real.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

Furious players have blasted EA Sports by uploading footage from FIFA 21 to once again 'prove' why scripting exists in the long-running franchise.

Fans of EA Sports' popular series have long argued that scripting exists as they claim a line of the code can be changed to shift the momentum of a match if it becomes too one-sided.

There have already been players that have taken to social media to accuse EA Sports of including scripting in FIFA 21.

And now fans have turned their attention to YouTube and uploaded several clips to showcase what appears to be scripting in action.

One fan posted in the comments: "This year, Scripting [sic] has been worse than its ever been. Constantly conceding goals in 90+5 when the ref added 2 minutes on. Keeper constantly not catching the ball and parrying it right to the attacker, and my shots never go in, seems as if the keeper is a brick wall in front of the goal."

While another said: "Been looking for something like this exactly the same thing happened to me [...]."

And a third YouTube user added: "Just lost a game with my 100 Chem 4.5 stars squad against a 55 Chem 3.5 star squad. My midfield didn't win one tackle and couldn't string two passes together. My 83 pace CB coudln't [sic] catch his 75 pace striker. Worst scripted FIFA in years."

A fourth simply wrote: "'FIFA is still scripted' Whowoulda [sic] thought. I can't believe that people keep buying the same product for the same price, ridiculous."

EA Sports has remained firm on its position that scripting doesn't exist in the series, even going as far as to respond to one fan asking if it had been removed from FIFA 21.

FIFA fans have also slammed EA Sports over the latest title by tanking FIFA 21's PlayStation 4 Metacritic score.

FIFA 21 officially launched on 9th October for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Google Stadia versions of FIFA 21 are slated for release at a later date.

Featured Image Credit: Google/YouTube

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