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The Time Ronaldinho Broke The Internet With Insane Crossbar Challenge

The Time Ronaldinho Broke The Internet With Insane Crossbar Challenge

Long before a picture of Kim Kardashian balancing champagne on her backside in a shoot for Paper magazine was absolutely everywhere, and even prior to people's tweets going viral because they're in Scottish, Ronaldinho was the man responsible for breaking the internet.

Nike, struck gold when they decided to put Ronaldo de Assis Moreira to work in order to promote their latest pair of Nike Tiempo boots.

What followed is almost three minutes of footage that would prompt debate as to whether it was actually legitimate, but even if Ronaldinho isn't actually playing 'keepie uppie one-two's' with the crossbar, it doesn't take away from our enjoyment of the video.


The advert became the first video to amass 1 million views on YouTube, which is a monumental achievement considering it was back in 2005 where Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites weren't even a thing.

10 years on, Nike would then re-release the video on their channel to mark its anniversary and the commercial currently sits on over 8 million views.

And only the other day, the Ballon d'Or winner starred in another Nike advert when he was one of many big names to start in the 'Awaken the Phantom' clip.

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Even in retirement, the former Barcelona star is still living his best life but don't be too surprised if his son threatens to take his spot.

13-year old Joao Mendes attended a try-out at Cruzeiro and reportedly 'charmed the scouts' in view to joining the Brazilian outfit.

What's more, Mendes is said to have hid his identify from the club' scout, according to reports from Globo.


Had he informed them of the small detail that his son is one of the absolute all-time greats, they would have bent over backwards for him but clearly Joao wanted to make an impression purely through his ability. Fair play.

The club cannot yet secure his services as Mendes is only 13 - with the Brazilian FA ruling a player can only put pen to paper on a professional contract at the age of 14.

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