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Axel Witsel Tells EA Sports To "Fix His Face" In FIFA 19

Axel Witsel Tells EA Sports To "Fix His Face" In FIFA 19


Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

It can be a touchy subject among professional footballers.

Every year EA Sports manage to mess up a handful of game faces, but their abysmal effort of re-recreating Axel Witsel on FIFA 19 is just hilarious.

Witsel was included in the latest FIFA 'Team of the Week' after his performance for Borussia Dortmund, and while he appreciated the recognition, the Belgian midfielder had to mention the state of his appearance on the popular game.

"Thanks but can we fix my in game face first?" wrote the player, as he joined the likes of Lionel Messi and Gabriel Jesus in the TOTW.

He's got a point. The 29-year-old looks absolutely nothing like his game face.

Witsel may have his customary hair style but that's about it and social media joined the Belgian in taking the piss.

Pro Evolution Soccer, on the other hand, have done a brilliant job of making Witsel look, well like himself.

The 29-year old doesn't seem too pleased at how he looks in FIFA but he can take some degree of pride in the fact that Aston Villa's John McGinn has the worst resemblance of all the players this year.

It's so bad, he even changed his profile picture on Twitter to his face on FIFA

Incredible scenes.

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