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WATCH: Brazilian Legend Rivaldo Attempts Rabona, Fails Miserably

WATCH: Brazilian Legend Rivaldo Attempts Rabona, Fails Miserably

The opening night of the Star Sixes tournament at the O2 Arena in London last night was packed with incident.

From Scotland scoring a Barcelona-esque goal that you'd never imagine them serving up in a million years, to Phil Neville getting full on clattered by Carles Puyol in one of the worst tackles in football history, the action had everything.


So much so, that 1999 World Player Of The Year Rivaldo ended up looking like a right mug.

Image: PA

The former Barcelona and AC Milan sensation took to the field for Brazil's opening game against Italy, which saw the Samba stars start their campaign with a 2-1 win.

But what everyone was talking about coming out of the game was Rivaldo's complete and utter fail to perform a rabona.


Having checked inside after receiving the ball from Julio Baptista, the 2002 World Cup winner fancied busting out one of the many tricks he has in the bag, but it just didn't happen in the way he hoped to.

Check out the hilarious clip here:

Here's how Twitter reacted to Rivaldo channelling his inner David Dunn:

You can't fault him for attempting it, given that he gave it a go in a recent Barcelona legends game against a Manchester United XI:

Credit: Sky Sports/Star Sixes

Sometimes even the best get it wrong. There'll be further opportunities for Rivaldo to make amends though, as his Brazil side play China tonight before a final group game against Nigeria. And with the talent this Brazil side possesses, you wouldn't bet against them going all the way in the tournament.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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