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Deaf-Blind Brazil Supporter Experiences World Cup Goals In The Most Incredible Way

Deaf-Blind Brazil Supporter Experiences World Cup Goals In The Most Incredible Way

Nothing will stop Carlos from watching his side.

Jacque Talbot

Jacque Talbot

A deaf-blind Brazil supporter has gone viral - once again - after a video of him emerged of him experiencing his side's group stage match against Costa Rica with the aid of his friends.

His name is Carlos, and he's a massive Brazilian football fan. He was born deaf and his eyesight began to deteriorate when he was 14-years-old.

He was then was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder which affects a person's seeing and hearing ability.

Carlos is now 27-years-old, and though he isn't fully blind, he struggles to watch television. It's been two years since he was able to watch a football match.

But this hasn't stopped him enjoying the sport.

Brazilian sign language instructor Hélio Fonseca de Araújo, who just wanted to watch the 2014 World Cup with his friend, came up with this piece of ingenuity.


After researching the measurements of a football pitch, he crafted his own miniature version. And when a game is on, he puts the scaled-down model between himself and Carlos and directs his friend's hands to replicate what is occurring on the pitch, as so Carlos can get involved and cheer on his side.

Now, with the World Cup taking place in Russia, Carlos has made the rounds on social media once again: this time just at the exact moment when Barcelona attacker Philippe Coutinho poked home to put Brazil ahead against their South America rivals.

As you can see from the recent video, Carlos is able to interpret that his nation has scored with the help of his friends.

It seems there's no stopping some people when it comes to watching their team play.

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