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Football Manager 2022 Mobile Tips And Bargain Transfers

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Tips And Bargain Transfers

The best and easiest tips for your Football Manager 2022 save.

Fancy playing a bit of Football Manager 2022 on the go? FM22 Mobile is the way to go, purchasable on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It'll set you back £8.99 (US$9.99), the same as the last few iterations of the mobile game.

This year, we're seeing plenty of new features and content on FM22 Mobile we haven't seen before too, so here's a little rundown on the coolest new stuff you can enjoy in Football Manager 2022 Mobile, as well as a bit of advice on how to play and some great player bargains to get you started.

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile Tips

So, with such a huge number of features, here's a few hints to help you make the best of Football Manager 2022 Mobile, and give you the ultimate management simulation experience.

You don't need to buy unlockables

At the start of your game, after choosing which leagues you want to play in, you'll be given some pre-game options. The options to use fake players and attribute masking are up to you (although for new players I'd recommend turning off attribute masking to make things a bit more understandable), but on the right-hand side are a bunch of unlockables.

You don't need to buy unlockables
You don't need to buy unlockables

You can unlock the in-game editor, rich benefactor, and unsackable achievements either through individual payments or a bulk purchase of £14.99, but what you may not know is that you can unlock these bonuses simply by being brilliant at Football Manager. Here are the unlockables and how to get them:

  • Abolish Transfer Windows: Make a huge transfer profit at your club
  • Remove Loan Restrictions: Have a loaned player win an annual award
  • Abolish Work Permits: Sign a large number of players who require a work permit
  • In-Game Editor: Must be purchased
  • Rich Benefactor: Be incredibly successful over a period of at least two seasons at a club
  • Become Unsackable: Survive as manager at a club for in excess of ten years and achieve great success there

Okay, they're not easy tasks, but if you're a first-timer you should probably stick with the classic experience regardless.

Make the most of scouting

If you want to become a top manager, you need to work on your recruitment. This means figuring out scouting. It's both deep in the information it provides and simple to get to grips with if you're a new mobile manager.

Click the magnifying glass icon and tap 'Scout Results'. That'll take you to a screen of players your scouts have identified as potential signings. At first, it'll have a few names on there, but let's widen the net, shall we?

Tap 'New Assignment', choose a scout and pick the parameters that correspond to the player you want to sign. If you looked at your Tactics screen and found you're in dire need of plugging a hole at centre-back, click on that position. New in FM22 Mobile is the ability to select a role too. If you want to play attractive, passing football then chuck a ball-playing defender into your search. If you're more of a long-ball merchant, a no-nonsense defender might be more appropriate. With FM22 Mobile you can finally tell your scouts exactly what you're after.

Of course, you'll have other factors to consider, and you can search for them on this screen too. I like to sign players on expiring contracts for free, so head to the 'contract status' area of the menu and select 'expiring'. 

If you don't want your scout to be off travelling the world for half a year on your dime too, make sure you choose a specific location for them to search - you can see the estimated duration on the left side of the assignment screen.

Plan around injuries

Injuries are the bane of any budding manager's life. It happens to us all - a big, important fixture is coming up and boom - your star centre back picks up a knock in training and you lose by a landslide. 

It doesn't have to be this way though.

Utilise your medical centre
Utilise your medical centre

The medical centre is a tool harnessed by far too few managers. All you need to do is click on your club's badge on the left side of the screen and select the 'Medical Centre' button. From here, click 'Assessment' to see a full rundown of why and how players might be cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Maybe they've already played a match this week. Maybe they haven't played enough lately and need a bit of match time to get back up to speed. Maybe they've just come back from a broken collarbone and need serious attention before you start playing them for 90 minutes again. 

The great thing about the medical centre is the advice though. Have a look below - by tapping the small 'i' symbol next to Gündogan's name, I was able to get my assistant manager to tell me the lowdown on whether or not I should play him next, as well as some tips to help him become more match fit.

Running a risk assessment report is key
Running a risk assessment report is key

Is his training intensity too high? Head over to the training tab and drop it a bit so he can do better in matches. Does he need a run but won't manage an entire match? Give him a short session so he's that one step closer to fitness.

It's an area you should be checking regularly to keep your squad nursed. Real-life Pep Guardiola must have access to similar advice with all the rotation his squad goes through.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Bargains

In Football Manager 2022 Mobile, a good bargain can take you a long way. So far, wonderkids are a lot tougher to get your hands on than they have been in previous versions of the game, so if you're struggling to find bargains and deals, why not have a look at some of the below? It's a rough world out there for FM22 Mobile transfers - I asked Norwich how much they wanted for Teemu Pukki and they said £22m.

These are players available for a decent price at the start of the game (it could always fluctuate), so keep your eye on the transfer list for other future bargains when opposition players are unhappy at their club.

  • Jack Wilshere (CM, Free Agent)
  • Daniel Alves (RB, Free Agent)
  • Mohamed Bahlouli (LW, Free Agent)
  • Coniah Boyce-Clarke (GK, Reading, approx £6m)
  • Wisdom Amey (CB, Bologna, approx £12m)
  • Bruno Iglesias (AM, Real Madrid, release clause £6.25m)
  • Andri Lucas Guðjohnsen (ST, Real Madrid, release clause £7.75m)
  • Carlos Dotor (CM, Real Madrid, release clause £8.5m)
  • Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer (ST, Dynamo Dresden, approx £15m)
  • Aaron Ramsey (AM, Aston Villa, approx £7.5m)

Remember, you should always use the scouting tips above to find bargains that are right for your team too! These are just some examples of players you can grab for slightly less than their competitors, and depending on your club's stature, could perform brilliantly for a long time.

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