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50 Funny FIFA 22 Club Names For Ultimate Teams And Pro Clubs

Joe Harker

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50 Funny FIFA 22 Club Names For Ultimate Teams And Pro Clubs

FIFA 22 is back and better than ever with updated rosters, better graphics and new mechanics that make the game ever so slightly better than it was last year.

Then of course there’s Ultimate Team, FIFA’s incredibly popular game mode where gamers build a star-studded squad of their own and compete to get the best players.

According to Give Me Sport, the most popular players at the moment include the usual suspects like Karim Benzema, Erling Haaland and Cristiano Ronaldo, but top of the tree is the 61 rated Waldhof Mannheim right back Niklas Sommer, who is proving to be a hit thanks to his cheap price and 78 pace rating.

Ultimate Team isn’t always about picking the biggest names in football, sometimes it’s about the ability to identify a bargain player who has the ability to outperform their rating.


Still, the hardest decision gamers face on Ultimate Team isn’t which players to go for or what sort of tactics to build your squad around, it’s picking the team name.

You will want a name that’s going to make some random person on the internet chuckle at your puns. Bonus points if the punny team name mentions a player that’s actually in your team.

FIFA 22 gives players only one chance to choose another name in Ultimate Team so be careful of switching your team’s name to something holiday themed like ‘Andy Christmas Carroll’ or ‘Happy Neuer’ as you’ll be stuck with it all year round.

For those who want some Ultimate Team name inspiration, here’s a few good ones we’ve found.


FIFA 22 guides:

The funny ones:

  • WhoAteAllDepays
  • Blink1Eto’o
  • SlideIntoMyCDMs
  • Rice Rice Bebe
  • The Neville Wears Prada
  • Hanging By A Fred
  • Balotellitubbies
  • Turkish De Ligt
  • Borussia Your Teeth
  • Kanye West Ham
  • Chicken Tikka Mo Salah
  • Pique Boo
  • VictorMosesLawn
  • MeeMyDelphAndIbe
  • GotNoKalou
  • ShowMeTheMane
  • Boom Xhakalaka
  • Real Sosobad
  • Ctrl Alt De Ligt
  • Tea and Busquets
  • When Harry Met Alli
  • Kroos Control
  • Lads On Toure
  • ObiWanIwobi
  • No Kane No Gain

The classics:

  • Giroud Sandstorm
  • Pjanic at the Isco
  • Man Chest Hair United
  • Pique Blinders
  • Dukes of Hazard
  • Giroud Let The Dogs Out
  • The Ninja Skrtels
  • Krul And The Gang
  • Lord Of The Ings
  • Going Toulouse
  • The Drogs Ballacks
  • What Gattuso Mad
  • LeaveMyArcelona
  • Inglorious Bas Dost
  • Saved By The Bellerin
  • KhediraPinDrop
  • Baines On Toast
  • Murder on Zidane’s Floor
  • Egg Fried Reus
  • Moves Like Agger
  • For Fuchs Sake
  • Juat’sTheMata
  • Cesc and the City
  • Krul Intentions
  • FIFAFoFum

Picking the right pun:

If you want to make a pun of your own there’s really not all that much to it, it’s as easy as finding a player whose name sounds like something else and sticking it in a funny phrase.


Some player names are more obvious than others. For reasons that should be obvious Christian Fuchs is a gift for this sort of thing.

Ultimately, the best name for your Ultimate Team is whichever one you like the most. You’re the one who will be looking at it the most, so you’d better go for something that appeals to you.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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Joe Harker
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