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‘The Mountain’ Suffered A Devastating Arm-Wrestling Defeat To A Man Half His Size

Alex Reid

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‘The Mountain’ Suffered A Devastating Arm-Wrestling Defeat To A Man Half His Size

'The Mountain' Hafthor Bjornsson once took on a man almost 200lb lighter than him in an arm-wrestling contest - and was comprehensively beaten with shocking ease.

The 2018 World's Strongest Man, who earlier this year broke his fierce rival Eddie Hall's world deadlift record, weighed 419lb when he locked hands with 225lb Devon Larratt in 2015.

The Game of Thrones star would probably snap the arm of most mortals like a twig just by flexing his mighty bicep - but Larratt is no ordinary human.

The Canadian nicknamed 'No Limits' is a professional arm wrestler and it's clear as the two square off that raw strength is nothing when it comes to perfect technique.

Despite his advantages in size and power, the 6ft 9in strongman can't make a dent in his opponent. Soon after their first contest starts, Larratt is in control and forces The Mountain's meaty paw back in its direction of travel.

What's truly surreal is that Larratt is actually coaching and offering advice to his foe throughout, even as Bjornsson puts all his might into victory.

The video shows Larratt winning right-handed, then left-handed - before the most impressive third bout. Here the decorated arm-wrestler appears to give The Mountain an early advantage, then rotates his elbow back with ease from a losing position.

It's clearly a good-natured competition as Larratt chats to his younger opponent. When the sweaty grimacing is over, Bjornsson grins and raises the victor's hand aloft.

Despite the vast bulk difference, the result isn't surprising - Larratt has clearly spent decades repping "arm day" in the gym and avoiding everything else. Also technique and experience are crucial in any sport, even one where strength is an obvious advantage.

Had they been deadlifting, popping atlas stones on top of wooden barrels or pulling a tractor with their teeth, 'The Mountain' would have been equally dominant.

However the 31-year-old Icelandic giant is considering changing sports. He's said he might take a crack at the NFL, while he's also set to face blood-rival Hall in the boxing ring next year - so learning to utilise his record-breaking strength across different disciplines will be crucial.

Bjornsson has already sparred Conor McGregor, so perhaps doing a bit more training with Larratt could be ideal before his 2021 war with Hall.

That way if the two gas out after launching haymakers at each other for one round and somebody suggests an arm-wrestling decider, The Mountain can, perhaps, crush Eddie's forearm into a gory pulp just like - well - The Mountain probably would.

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Alex Reid
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