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FIFA Street-Esque Mode Volta Debuts In First Trailer For FIFA 20

FIFA Street-Esque Mode Volta Debuts In First Trailer For FIFA 20

It might not be a new FIFA Street title, but publisher EA Sports will introduce the mode Volta to FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

EA Sports has answered fans' dreams by including the FIFA Street-esque mode Volta in the upcoming FIFA 20.

Electronic Arts debuted the first look at FIFA 20 during EA Play ahead of E3 next week, along with sharing details on the mode as soon as the official trailer dropped.

According to the FIFA publisher, players will be able to choose from either a female or male character and have the ability to customise them with different clothes, hairstyles and tattoos.

Players will also have access to different celebratory emotes that can be used in the mode.

As for the actual mode itself, players will be able to play three vs three rush (no GKs), four vs four, four vs four rush, five vs five and professional futsal.

EA Sports

You will also be able to build a squad in the world of Volta and take your character through a story mode.

Outside of the story, players will be able to hit the streets for a bit of football in online mode.

Yes, EA is bringing the mode to online and will have a Volta league set up for players to compete in promotion and relegation matches.

It's not limited to custom-created characters either, mainly for how EA has confirmed that actual football teams can be played in kick-off mode.

EA has also revealed several locations that will feature in the new mode, including an underpass in Amsterdam, a neighbourhood cage in London and a Tokyo rooftop.

EA Sports

"Break new ground with Volta football in FIFA 20, releasing 27th September 2019," EA said.

"Build your player, pick your gear and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world."

FIFA 20's Volta will feature only on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, they will receive the 'Legacy Edition' of the title, which is similar to how the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 19 were Legacy Editions.

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Featured Image Credit: EA Sports

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