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Sky Sports F1 presenter demands FIA take action after Cara Delevingne snubbed Martin Brundle on the Grid

Sky Sports F1 presenter demands FIA take action after Cara Delevingne snubbed Martin Brundle on the Grid

Cara Delevingne's snubbing of Martin Brundle at the British Grand Prix has prompted Karun Chandhok to demand a huge change.

Martin Brundle's Sky Sports F1 colleague has demanded the FIA take action after he was snubbed by Cara Delevingne on the Grid Walk at Silverstone.

The 64-year-old veteran broadcaster regularly talks to celebrities at Grand Prix events all over the world, with it being a staple of Sky's coverage of Formula One.

Brundle is persistent and a serious hustle but sometimes ends up being involved in awkward interactions - the latest being with supermodel Delevingne at the British Grand Prix.

He approached the Suicide Squad star, but her security guard communicated that "she doesn't want to talk", with Brundle replying, "That's the deal now, everybody talks on the grid."

Brundle tried to go direct to Delevingne but that didn't work, as she said no, shook her head and claimed, "I can't hear anything, sorry".

In the end, he gave up and delivered a savage put-down when he said, “Okay, well, I'm sure it would have been extremely interesting”.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

It's a familiar situation for Brundle, who has been pied by A-listers on many an occasion and admits he doesn't always enjoying doing the grid.

Normally celebs do give Brundle a bit of their time, as was the case with Sam Ryder, Liam Payne, Florence Pugh and Pep Guardiola on Sunday.

However, former driver-turned broadcaster Karun Chandhok believes "rude" people should not receive grid passes at F1 events.

He tweeted: "I honestly think we should have a 'chart of rudeness' in F1! Next time, take the grid passes from people who don't care and give it some deserving kids who will treasure the experience."

The opinion caused a mixed response amongst fans on social media. On Twitter, Delevingne addressed the snub, replying to a tweet and commenting: "I was told to say no so I did. Thank you for seeing both sides xxx."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

In a response to a user who asked, she confirmed that it was an F1 representative, rather than an agent, who told her to refuse an interview.

Brundle did get an exclusive with Brad Pitt, who infamously snubbed him in the United States, and even received an offer to make a cameo in his upcoming F1 film.

The movie does not have a name but scenes were filmed at Silverstone, with Pitt joining the drivers' briefing and driving for fictional racing team Apex Grand Prix at 150mph around the track.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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