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Five of Martin Brundle’s most ridiculous F1 grid walk moments

Five of Martin Brundle’s most ridiculous F1 grid walk moments

Martin Brundle is a big part of Sky Sports’ Formula 1 coverage

Martin Brundle has had his fair share of awkward encounters during his Formula 1 grid walks.

Dating from the 1980s, the grid walk has been an integral part of F1’s pre-race programme.

Over the last few years, some of the world’s biggest stars have been spotted along the grid prior to a race.

Since 1997, the responsibility of conducting the grid walk has been placed upon Brundle’s shoulders.

As the popularity of F1 grew, the anticipation for who Brundle could bump into also increased.

After his awkward exchange with model Cara Delevinge prior to the British Grand Prix on Sunday, here are five of the most ridiculous moments from Brundle’s grid walks.

Megan Thee Stallion - US Grand Prix 2021

Brundle produced one of his most savage comebacks during his encounter with the famous rapper.

As he approached her, Brundle said: “You’re a freestyle rapper, have you got any rap for us today on Formula One?”

Megan replied: “I have no rap today, I’m sorry.” At this point, one of her entourage told the former racing driver: “You can’t do this.”

To which Brundle brilliantly replied: “I can do that because I did.”

Paolo Banchero - Miami Grand Prix 2022

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments in Brundle’s broadcasting career.

Prior to the first-ever Miami Grand Prix, some of the biggest names from US Sports came out to play.

Approaching NBA star Banchero, Brundle actually thought he was NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

Brundle later said: “It's not Patrick – that's why he ignored me.”

The pair reunited in the 2023 edition of the race and the Orlando Magic star said: “I'm honoured that you know my name now man. You're great at what you do.”

Pep Guardiola - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022

Ahead of the last race of the 2022 season, Brundle wanted to have a word with Manchester City manager Guardiola.

The Spaniard tried to get out of the interview by claiming he has already spoken twice with Sky already. Brundle said: “Well, three times lucky then.”

After asking him about football, Guardiola said: “Don’t talk about football today.”

Guardiola then fled the scene and as Brundle was blocked from chasing after the City boss, he said: “It’s okay, I’ve been thrown out of better places than this.”

Photobombing Sky Italia - Canadian Grand Prix 2022

No celebrities are involved in this one, this is purely just Brundle.

As he waved towards the fans in the packed Grandstand, Brundle unknowingly walked right in front of the Sky Italia presenters who were broadcasting live.

Upon realising his mishap, Brundle said: “Ooops, I’m getting in the shot there, sorry about that.”

Reacting to the incident, one fan said: “Martin Brundle grid walks are always unintentionally funny.”

Sky Sports

Marco Materazzi - Australian Grand Prix 2022

This was awkward from start to finish, clearly not entirely sure who Materazzi is, Brundle asked: “Are you Marco Mariachi, Matazzi?”

To rub salt in the Italian wounds, Brundle then asked about the former defender’s thoughts about Italy missing out on the 2022 World Cup.

In the end, a rather nervous-looking Brundle simply said: “Well that went well didn’t it?”

With 12 races still to go in the 2023 season, there is plenty of time for Brundle to entertain us all with his fantastically chaotic grid walks. F1 will return with the Hungarian Grand Prix towards the end of July, with the race taking place in Budapest on 23 July.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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