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Tom Cruise Makes Quick Escape From F1 Grid Interview With Martin Brundle

Tom Cruise Makes Quick Escape From F1 Grid Interview With Martin Brundle

The Hollywood megastar was polite enough but was clearly eager to make a daring exit from the scene.

Tom Cruise wasn't planning on hanging around for a grid interview with F1 icon Martin Brundle.

The Hollywood megastar had a very quick conversation with Brundle ahead of the British Grand Prix before giving the host a pat on the shoulder to leave the scene.

Compared to some of the other celebrities we're used to seeing on the grid, Cruise was pretty polite, although it was clear he was eyeing up a daring escape – much like we're used to seeing in his Mission Impossible movies.

Brundle's grid walks have become Formula 1 folklore as of late.

Viewers watching from home absolutely love seeing the former driver awkwardly yet confidently shuffle his way through the grid, attempting to interview literally anyone and everyone.

He's been sensationally shut down by a few people in the past, his tense exchange with Megan Thee Stallion springing to mind, but it seems more and more big-name figures are happy to have a chat with him – Cruise being one of them.

Approaching the Top Gun star, Brundle asked: "How are you doing?"

To which Cruise responded: "Very well. How are you?"

"Welcome to the grid again," Brundle said.

"Congratulations on the movie that’s just gone down a storm. Are you cheering for anybody particular today?"

It was hard to make out what Cruise was saying on camera due to his softly-spoken answers, as well as Brundle waving around the microphone like he was an air traffic controller manoeuvring an airplane on Heathrow tarmac.

"Lewis (Hamilton), always," Cruise replied.

"I love to watch him racing and he’s a good friend of mine. Hopefully he has a great day."

Cruise then gave Brundle soft tap on the arm, signalling his intention to carry on with his day as he celebrated his 60th birthday.

He then politely made a hasty getaway as Brundle turned to the camera and smiled.

"Got pushed around a bit," Brundle said.

"But he was lovely. Would have liked to have talked to him for a bit longer."

Brundle was in top form as usual, making his presence felt as he went charging into the busy crowds among the hustle and bustle.

Social media users appeared to find it particularly amusing when he strolled right past UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries.

He also missed the chance to interview Paddy Pimblett, the UFC fan favourite grinning as Brundle darted past him.

Brundle did, however, manage to have a chat with Liverpool right back Trent Alexander-Arnold and UK rapper Stormzy.

You've got to love Brundle, his chaotic energy just adds another element of excitement to an already-buzzing atmosphere.

We salute you, Martin.

Featured Image Credit: Fox Sports

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