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Brad Pitt offered Martin Brundle a role in his new film after F1 Grid Walk snub

Brad Pitt offered Martin Brundle a role in his new film after F1 Grid Walk snub

Brad Pitt offered Martin Brundle a cameo part in his new driving film, following on from his awkward moment with Cara Delevingne.

Martin Brundle has been offered a role in Brad Pitt's new Formula One film.

In a new project which does not have a title yet, the 59-year-old is starring as Sonny Hayes, a driver who returns to the track for the fictional Apex Grand Prix racing team after a 30-year absence due to a horrible crash.

And as part of the movie, Pitt filmed scenes at the British Grand Prix on Sunday when he raced around the iconic Silverstone track at 150mph in front of 100,000 fans - many of which had no idea Hollywood actor was at the wheel.

Motorsport nut Pitt even joined the drivers' briefing and national anthem proceedings prior to Max Verstappen's sixth straight race victory.

Mercedes star and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is a consultant for the film, which stars Damson Idris and Javier Bardem and could well feature legendary F1 broadcaster and former driver Brundle.

In an interview, Pitt explained the plot to Brundle, who had nine podium finishes in his racing career, and tried to tap him up.

"I would be a guy who raced in the 90s, in fact I would have been on the track with you at some point," Pitt told Brundle and Sky Sports when asked for details of the film.

And then the offer was made for the the 64-year-old to actually star in the movie.

"So you've got to do a cameo," Pitt added, with Brundle not having any hesitation and replying, "I'd love to."

Ironically, Brundle had chased Pitt down on the grid back in October as he scurried away at the United States Grand Prix.

He asked Pitt if he could tell people a bit about the movie but all he got from Pitt was that it was "top secret" before he accelerated away.

They had a more extended interaction on Sunday and this time it was supermodel Cara Delevingne who had the awkward moment with Brundle.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports F1

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