TalkSPORT Presenter Says Furloughing Clubs Should Face Transfer Ban

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TalkSPORT Presenter Says Furloughing Clubs Should Face Transfer Ban

Some Premier League teams have caused outrage by choosing to furloughing their non playing staff and talkSPORT presenter Georgie Bingham has raised the controversial idea they should be banned from transfers.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic the government agreed to pay up to 80% of some employees wages, as businesses struggle to pay their staff.

The scheme was meant for small businesses but several Premier League clubs have decided to take advantage of it. Speaking on her show presenter Bingham suggested the clubs doing it should receive a transfer ban.

"Let's not mince our words on this," she said on Weekend Sports Breakfast, "If a club goes to the government for a handout that us, the taxpayers, will be required to make up in the long run, no club should be allowed to do transfers going forward.


"If they are so poor that they can't afford one million pounds on their wage bill to support their low paid workers - which they should do - they shouldn't be allowed to have transfers.

"No transfer window for you; sorry, if you are that poor you don't need one.

"Not a single football club in the country would go furlough if it meant they couldn't do business if and when football resumes."


Others have also suggested that the teams will look even worse when, come the summer transfer window, they spent multi millions on players who aren't even first choice.

In today's market clubs can spent £10 million on full backs who won't get in the team but they seemingly can't cover their staff's wages.

Footballers have also had to defend themselves with health secretary Matt Hancock, and sections of the public, criticising them for not taking pay cuts, but saying nothing of the clubs billionaire owners.

Bingham said the whole thing has been embarrassing for the sport, adding, "Football looks bad because of that, and football also looks bad for what I feel is the bullying of players to rescue football when football is a billionaire industry owned by people who would blink at a footballer's wages and are doing nothing."



The players, many of whom have donated to charity in recent weeks, and often do behind the scenes, are expected to negotiate pay cuts on a club-by-club basis.

What do you think of clubs who are furloughing staff?

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