A Sunderland Fan Has Gone Viral After Taking An Actual S**t In His Seat

Sunderland's poor run of form at the moment stinks, but to drop your pants and take a massive dump at the newly nicknamed 'Stadium of Sh*te' (not my words) is just a stretch too far for me, I'm afraid.

And no, you are reading this correctly. One Sunderland fan decided to have an actual poo during their Championship game against Reading at the weekend and police had to escort him out the stadium.

After the game, a man told the story on a Sunderland forum, saying that the bloke 'dropped his pants to his ankles, squatted and curled one out'.

He went on to describe how police had to take him away after the incident, before stating that someone in the crowd gagged and 'spewed up' as the excrement lay on the ground.

Unsurprisingly, the story has since gone viral on social media, with plenty commenting on the bizarre scene.


One Twitter user said: "I know Sunderland are shit. But having an actual shit in the stadium on your seat is a bit extreme...."

While another said: "This reminds me of the time Sunderland were relegated, hired Simon Grayson, broke the record for consecutive home games without a victory and a fan did a dirty protest."

Here are some reactions from the quite frankly disgusting incident:

I just don't know what to say. This might just be the shittiest story of the week.

I tried.

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