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The 'Interactive Match Sim' On FIFA 21 Career Mode Will Be A Gamechanger

The 'Interactive Match Sim' On FIFA 21 Career Mode Will Be A Gamechanger

Career Mode has been given a revamp...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

EA Sports have announced a welcome change to Career Mode in FIFA 21 in the form of the 'Interactive Match Sim'.

Fans have been clamouring for a revamped version of the popular made after a lack of focus in recent years - 'so much so that '#FixCareerMode' trended last year.

The early signs are promising, however, as it appears as though EA have listened to the feedback they received from the community.

And this feature promises to be a tidy addition. As briefly teased in the Erling Haaland section of reveal trailer that dropped yesterday, in FIFA 21 Career Mode players can jump in and out of games to affect them.

As Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp can attest to, sometimes you don't want to play that Carabao Cup game against Aston Villa but then when you sim it you see you've somehow been beaten without being able to do anything.

In the upcoming title, with a visual sim that has a Football Manager-like feel to it, you'll be able manage your team and make tactical changes as you access match data and stats, and then with a click of a button you can dive in.

Image: EA Sports
Image: EA Sports

It can even be just a game-defining moment such as a free-kick or penalty and then you go back to the sim. Gamers will be able to flip-flop and decide how much control they want to take.

The visual sim has been a thing before back in FIFA 07 but it's at a completely different level 14 years on and the fact you can influence games as you see fit by simply pressing 'A or 'X', before then having the option to return, is rather exciting.

In other Career Mode news, a revamped growth system means you can turn full-backs into wingers and centre-backs into defensive midfielders if you fancy implementing some positional changes.

Meanwhile, new features such as active training system and activity management system allow you to arrange group training sessions to improve match sharpness, as well as control the amount of rest and recovery you have between important fixtures.

Other tweaks include more realism in the transfer market such as loan to buy deals and more intelligent and informed AI-controlled opposition when it comes to defending and attacking.

Those who pre-order the 'Champions' or 'Ultimate' editions of FIFA 21 before August 14 will receive a 'Career Mode homegrown talent', meaning players will automatically have a local youngster with world-class potential in their ranks when the pick their first team to manage.

FIFA 21 will be released worldwide on all good consoles on 9 October.

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