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Manchester City Named The Greatest Premier League Champions Of All Time

Manchester City Named The Greatest Premier League Champions Of All Time

Every Premier League champion has been ranked from worst to best....

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Every Premier League-winning team have been ranked from the weakest champions to the greatest ever - with Manchester City's 'Centurions' in top spot.

The new ranking, created by GQ, puts every top-tier titlist from 1992/93 to the present day in order, depending on how strong their performance was over the season.

Pep Guardiola's 2017/18 side earn top spot thanks to their record-breaking 100-point total. Just below in second place, it's Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool team from 2019/20 - who dominated the Premier League and won 26 of their first 27 games.

Manchester United's highest finish of their 13 Premier League title-winners is - surprisingly - as low as seventh. That would be Sir Alex Ferguson's 1993/94 Double-winning team, inspired by Eric Cantona.

But they sit behind Man City in 2018/19 (third) and a trio of Chelsea teams: Jose Mourinho's 2004/05 side (fourth), Antonio Conte's 2016/17 team (fifth) and Mourinho's 2005/06 Blues (sixth).

Controversially, Arsenal's 2003/04 Invincibles - still the only Premier League team to go a season unbeaten - sit in a lowly eighth. GQ point out their high total of 12 draws in 38 games. But still.

Even more controversially, Manchester United's 1998/99 side are 26th out of 28 teams. GQ admit that "There will be plenty who balk at the lowly status of the treble winners" but explain that it's based on league form only - and United did "only" earn 79 points and won the title on the last day of the season.

Still - and far be it from us to argue with GQ, who are far better dressed than SPORTbible - we might suggest that the modern bias towards teams with huge points totals is largely due to how the gap between the haves and have-nots has been stretched. And that it's unfair to penalise teams for low points totals when the Premier League was, frankly, more competitive than it is now.

The weakest champions are, apparently, Man United 1996/97 with GQ pointing out they conceded a whopping 44 goals including five in one game to Newcastle. Fair enough, that is never ideal.

The full ranking of Premier League champions is below - and you can read GQ's reasoning here.

28. Manchester United (1996/97)

27. Arsenal (1997/98)

26. Manchester United (1998/99)

25. Manchester United (2010/11)

24. Manchester United 2002/03)

23. Manchester United (1992/93)

22. Manchester United (1995/96)

21. Leicester City (2015/16)

20. Manchester United (2000/01)

19. Blackburn Rovers (1994/95)

18. Arsenal (2001/02)

17. Chelsea (2014/15)

16. Manchester United (2007/08)

15. Manchester United (2008/09)

14. Manchester United (2012/13)

13. Manchester City (2013/14)

12. Chelsea (2009/10)

11. Manchester United (1999/2000)

10. Manchester City (2011/12)

9. Manchester United (2006/07)

8. Arsenal (2003/04)

7. Manchester United (1993/94)

6. Chelsea (2005/06)

5. Chelsea (2016/17)

4. Chelsea (2004/05)

3. Manchester City (2018/19)

2. Liverpool (2019/20)

1. Manchester City (2017/18)

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