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Jake Paul is 'emotionally hurt' after his defeat to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is 'emotionally hurt' after his defeat to Tommy Fury

Paul had the first loss of his professional boxing career on Sunday and it's clearly hit him harder than Fury managed in Saudi Arabia

The fall out from possibly the worst pay-per-view main event boxing fight in the history of the sport continues, with Jake Paul revealing he is 'emotionally hurt,' following his loss to Tommy Fury.

On Sunday, Fury finally confirmed what most people must have known in the first place, that Paul was never someone who could beat an actual boxer.

The British fighter, himself still a novice of just nine fights, didn't exactly dazzle, losing brother Tyson a huge bet because he didn't stop his opponent.

Carl Froch certainly believes that the Mancunian did fight purists a favour, by 'obliterating' the Disney Channel star turned YouTuber turned boxer.

Straight after the fight, the 'Problem Child,' claimed that he felt he'd done enough for a rematch, whilst he was criticised for his list of excuses.

Taking to social media the following day, the American told his fans not to be saddened by his loss, and that life had 'ups and downs.'

Now he's opened up about how he's feeling in the aftermath of the first loss of his professional boxing career, saying he's 'emotionally hurt.'

"The business of the event was a massive success," the 26-year-old who walked away with a reported £7.2 million from the fight understandably said.

"Doesn’t mean I’m not emotionally hurt by the loss. But I am not going to sit here and sulk.

"I am going to use that hurt to fuel my path forward to never feel this way again."

Paul says he doesn't want to feel this way again but his chances of getting another big boxing fight seem much more limited after the loss.

He could fight Fury again in a rematch, which might help the Brit reclaim the £4 million he lost by not taking his rival up on his option of a double or nothing bet.

Fellow YouTuber KSI clearly wants a piece of the action, despite Jake being the younger brother of his business partner Logan Paul, with the pair selling Prime together.

And Froch, despite panning the American's skills, is willing to get in the ring with him, even though he's been retired for a number of years now.

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