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Jake Paul breaks his silence after losing to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul breaks his silence after losing to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury left it all inside the ring on Sunday night

Jake Paul has finally broken his silence by posting a video on his social media after losing to Tommy Fury.

On Sunday night, Paul and Fury finally met inside the ring after a long period of on-and-off negotiations.

The pair went through the whole eight rounds but it was Fury who came out on top as he was announced the winner by spilt decision.

Paul has now posted a video on his Instagram account after Sunday night’s tough defeat. You can watch the footage below.

In the video, Paul wrote: “When you lost but made $30m,” whilst repeatedly smiling to the camera and then putting his hand over his face.

Fans were quick to react to the video on social media.

One fan said: “To be fair, I was surprised he lasted 8 rounds with a "real" boxer. props to him for that.”

Another tweeted: “Means he only in the sport for money no passion.”

A third fan added: “He’s already got money so believe me he’s gutted as he won’t escape the ‘loser tag.”

Someone else wrote: “Look what happens when he fights a boxer.”

Whilst a fifth commented: “I lost, let’s make it about how much money I made”

Paul also tweeted to his fans after the fight, he wrote: “To all my young fans, I love you. Don’t be saddened by my loss. Life is full of ups and downs. You just have to learn from your failures and come back better. Hard work, hard work, hard work. I will be back.”

During his interview, he said: “I’ve already won every single way in life.

“I made it farther than I ever thought I would, and beyond. This is a humbling experience. I’ll take it on the chin and come back.”

Paul also teased that there could be a rematch with Fury on the horizon.

Can Paul beat Fury if the rematch goes ahead? Only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jakepaul

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