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BREAKING: Tommy Fury is the first fighter to beat Jake Paul, winning on split decision

Ryan Sidle

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BREAKING: Tommy Fury is the first fighter to beat Jake Paul, winning on split decision

Tommy Fury defeated Jake Paul, hopefully sending the social media star down to YouTube boxer promotions, and kept hold of his 100% record as a professional, despite being knocked down in the final round.

The two men's rivalry had spanned over nearly two years, often swapping insults on social media and expecting to face each other in a fight.

Twice they had been due to meet in the ring, and twice Fury, brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson, had pulled out for different reasons.

Paul had offered his opponent a 'winner takes it all' bet ahead of their bout, although it was never confirmed if it actually happened, such was his confidence.


He'll be hoping that he did, as Fury was given the WBC Diriyah Championship, yeah they actually set up a belt for this nonsense, and earned him a ranking.

For actual boxing fans, they will be praying this result relegates Paul to the YouTuber boxer rankings, and he can face the likes of KSI, even though there is the possibility of a rematch.

Fury might well go on to do more in the sport but he still only beat a fellow novice on a split decision, so it was hardly sporting perfection for him.

The fight was called 'The Truth' and in truth it was competitive but utter nonsense and it would have been better if broadcasters, pundits and fans alike stopped pretending it was anything else, especially after fans had to pay for it on pay-per-view.


The YouTuber and the former Love Islander, with a whopping 14 fights between them before Sunday, were somehow sharing a pay-per-view main event, despite both being poor boxers.

Seriously people, there was an actual world title fight between two decent fighters on this that was actually entertaining and good, but here we were concentrating on these two idiots.

If it wasn't bad enough that people were paying to watch two rookies, one of whom had never fought another professional boxer, but it also had the added ingredient of sportswashing, being held in Saudi Arabia.



Straight from the opening round there was plenty of holding, as the crowd, which included Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo, cheered on Fury.

The Brit ended the opening stanza with an excellent jab, which he then followed up as he swarmed all over the American with several shots.

The 'Problem Child' attempted to come out more aggressively in the second round but he wasn't proving too many problems for his rival, who threw some decent jabs.


Paul, considered the bigger puncher of the two after stopping a former NBA star and some ex MMA fighters, did use his jab a bit more in the third but still tried to find his way through with big swings.

Jake's brother Logan had some harsh words for Fury in between rounds, but Molly-Mae's partner used them as inspiration to come out strong at the start of the fourth.

However, in the final minute of the round, the former Disney Channel star, yep that's where he earned his fame, not in the boxing ring, landed a lovely left, before Fury accidentally caught his opponent on the back of the head as the bell rang.


Paul also landed a few at the start of the fifth, including some decent jabs, but he soon had a point taken off him for punches to the back of his opponents head.

In the sixth round the referee took a point off Fury due to holding, evening things up between the pair, which didn't go down too well.

At the end of the seventh, Fury, who dominated the round, ended up with a cut on his eye, something that the 'script' that was leaked before the fight said would happen, just much earlier.

In the eighth, Paul landed a shot that took Fury to the ground for a moment, meaning a 10-8 round for the American, and putting the result in jeopardy.

Both men celebrated at the bell at the end of the eighth and final round, thinking they'd won, but only Fury was correct.

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport

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Ryan Sidle
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