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Tommy Fury missed out on huge £4 million bonus despite beating Jake Paul

Tommy Fury missed out on huge £4 million bonus despite beating Jake Paul

Fury won the biggest fight of his career on Sunday night, which really isn't saying much considering his previous opponents.

Tommy Fury missed out on another £4 million on top of his huge earnings, after beating Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night.

Somehow, two days after one of the worst boxing fights you'll ever have to pay for, unless you found a dodgy stream, we're still here talking about it.

When you've got KSI mocking the two men in the ring and a referee having to ask one of the competitors if he actually wants to quit the hugging and box, you know you've got a stinker.

Despite that, more people were interested in a Love Island star and a Disney Channel actor fighting than on your average boxing card.

The intrigue was obviously turned up so high because of their constant arguments on social media between the pair, that even left the Brit's partner Molly-Mae Hague blocking the 'Problem Child' on her accounts.

Interested was bumped up just days before the fight when Paul offered to double Fury's winnings, if he somehow managed to beat someone who'd never fought a professional boxer.

Of course, it was Tommy who came out on top, thanks to a points decision, despite the fact he was knocked down late in the fight.

However, despite dad John agreeing to it at the time, the youngest Fury didn't actually sign the contract and so he missed out on an extra £4 million.

Fury could have earned more. Image: DAZN
Fury could have earned more. Image: DAZN

Earning yourself a big bonus can be very difficult, and often it's someone else's choice if you actually get it or not, but on this occasion the 23-year-old only has himself to blame.

Not that he'll be too gutted when he looks at his bank balance come pay day, unlike some of us, because he's due to be paid around £4 million in total for eight rounds of work.

According to Sports Zion, the younger brother of Tyson Fury earned a $2 million (£1.6 million) purse, as well as 35% of the pay-per-view share, plus a $1 million (£825k) performance bonus for winning.

He could of course double his money, or possibly more, if he gets in the ring with the American for a second time, with the YouTuber claiming he wants to do it again.

Of course he does, with the loss to a novice boxer on his record, to blacken his previously undefeated run, it should really be the end of Paul's proper boxing career.

He could get in with KSI, or other fellow YouTubers, on that scene, or he could be knocked out by Carl Froch, I'd watch that, although maybe not if I have to pay for it...

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/DAZN

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