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Vince McMahon's personal trainer posts furious statement addressing his WrestleMania absence

Vince McMahon's personal trainer posts furious statement addressing his WrestleMania absence

Vince McMahon's personal trainer was not happy after watching WrestleMania 40.

Vince McMahon's personal trainer posted a furious message on social media after the 78-year-old's absence from WrestleMania 40.

The two-night event at Lincoln Financial Field was the first under the regime of Paul 'Triple H' Levesque, who is WWE's chief content officer and head of creative.

There has been a freshness to the programming in the new era and a number of changes made to production.

McMahon is the founder of WWE and created WrestleMania back in 1985.

But following serious allegations of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, McMahon has no involvement in WWE after resigning from his position as executive chairman of TKO.

His daughter Stephanie did make a return and opened the show on night two.

Yet for the first time in WrestleMania, the billionaire had no presence in any capacity

And his long-time personal trainer, Michael Monteforte, claims McMahon was "unable to attend" the show of shows.

In a damning statement on Instagram, he wrote: "Vince McMahon was unable to attend his first WrestleMania.

"How quickly people forget, that without his vision, there would be no wrestling or WrestleMania. Sadly, when a person is down, the people who say they love you, their their backs on you.”

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

His post was accompanied by the caption, "Don't judge a Man, without getting all the facts. Things aren't always as they appear."

McMahon has now creative input in WWE and he has recently sold more than $300 million of stocks to Endeavour and TKO.

On Monday, SEC reported that once the sales are finalised as expected, McMahon will boast just over eight million shares and will retain 4.7% ownership of TKO.

WWE are doing some of their very best business without McMahon and it's emerged that the company are now using the term "pro wrestling" after it was previously banned and the industry was referred to as "Sports Entertainment".

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