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CM Punk reveals the one thing about his WWE return that proves Vince McMahon is 'gone'

CM Punk reveals the one thing about his WWE return that proves Vince McMahon is 'gone'

CM Punk made his WWE return in November and the company is in a very different place to when he left in 2014.

CM Punk has revealed there is one thing about his WWE return that Vince McMahon would not have approved had he been running things.

In November Punk returned to the company after nearly a decade away, coming out after the War Games main event to close out Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago.

He had been with rival company AEW for two years before his contract was terminated after multiple backstage issues.

Punk made his shock comeback and signed a contract minutes before going out at the Allstate Arena.

He had left in 2014 on extremely bad terms but is now enjoying a new exciting era spearheaded by Triple H.

Punk has changed physically and mentally since his last run but that all adds to his persona.

Speaking in a lengthy appearance on Ariel Helwani's MMA hour, he said: "People will be like, 'Oh, you're old! Oh, you're this! Oh, you're that!' This grey hair... I find it comic, people will be like, 'Why don't you dye your beard? You look old!' And I'm like, 'F**k you! I earned this s**t! Like, all these scars, like, I earned this s**t!...

"They'll criticize these things, all these things that I've done wrong... the way I look, the way I act, this, that, but they don't realize that all those faults make me who I am. That's who CM Punk is."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

McMahon was calling the shots back in Punk's original WWE run, where he is a six-time world champion.

But the 78-year-old is no longer involved in WWE any capacity due to serious allegations of sex trafficking and sexual abuse.

Many feel as though the business is a better place without him and Punk admits his current look would not be allowed under his previous regime.

He explained: "I'll just keep being me, you know? So...grey beard, old, grizzled... that's me, that's the phase I'm in right now. I think trying to change your appearance and all that other stuff, I think lends to a little bit of insecurity and all that stuff, and I look at this [points to beard] as like, a Vince thing.

"I would never be allowed on TV looking like this. This [points to beard] means he's gone. [laughs] You know? Sometimes I look at it and I go, 'Yeah, yeah. I don't look like... 2007 CM Punk, and I go, 'Good. Good,'".

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Punk suffered a tricep injury in his first match back during the 2024 Royal Rumble and underwent successful surgery.

He will be in attendance for WrestleMania but as a guest commentator for the WWE world title match between Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre.

Featured Image Credit: MMA Hour & Getty

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