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WWE 'abandoning' strict rule which proves the Vince McMahon era is over

WWE 'abandoning' strict rule which proves the Vince McMahon era is over

WWE have abandoned one of their strictest rule as Triple H continues to make huge changes.

WWE have abandoned one of their strictest rules to prove that the Vince McMahon era is long gone.

The company had the first WrestleMania under the Paul 'Triple H' Levesque regime and it ended with Cody Rhodes dethroning Roman Reigns in the main event to become undisputed WWE champion.

Triple H is spearheading a new period for WWE and overseeing record attendance numbers and revenue.

Vince McMahon, the founder of WWE and WrestleMania, now has no involvement whatsoever following serious allegations of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

He resigned from his role as the executive chairman of TKO, the company which houses both WWE and UFC.

As chief content officer and head of creative, 14-time world champion Triple H is now calling all the shorts and implementing a slew of changes.

There have been a slew of different tweaks to production but the biggest change involves terminology which was previously banned.

Previously, under McMahon, the term 'Sports Entertainment' was enforced across the board.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The original reason for the phrase was so WWE did not have to follow the same rules as sports teams and leagues.

The terms "professional wrestling" and "pro wrestling" were banned by McMahon for years as a result.

But at WrestleMania, colour commentator Corey Graves said "pro wrestling is back" and veteran announcer Michael Cole uttered the words "Dammit I love pro wrestling".

According to Ibou of Wrestling Purists, the change in language was on purpose.

Taking to X, he wrote: "Spoke to someone from WWE who told me that the promotion is deliberately moving away from the terminology of Sports Entertainment."

At WrestleMania, streamer iShowSpeed broke WWE protocol by dropping the F-bomb on multiple occasions when he got involved in Logan Paul's United States title match.

Dressed as a prime bottle, the Cristiano Ronaldo superfan ended up getting RKO'd by Randy Orton on the announce table.

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