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Triple H names the true WWE GOAT after The Undertaker and John Cena return at WrestleMania

Triple H names the true WWE GOAT after The Undertaker and John Cena return at WrestleMania

Triple H named who the greatest ever WWE superstar is after WrestleMania 40 was the first under his regime.

Triple H names WWE's true GOAT following shock returns for John Cena and The Undertaker at WrestleMania 40.

The pair of legends interfered in an incredible main event of night two, with Cory Rhodes finally usurping Roman Reigns in the 'Bloodline Rules' match at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

He pinned Reigns to finish his story and become undisputed WWE champion a year on from last year's losing effort, ending the Tribal Chief's historic 1,316 days title reign.

Reigns held the championship for more than three years after first capturing the belt while in the COVID-19 pandemic without fans.

Aligned with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman, Reigns completely changed the game while living with leukemia and having to take oral chemotherapy on a daily basis.

And after a ninth WrestleMania main event, Triple H showered Reigns with praise for his run as champion.

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Speaking in a WWE press conference, Triple H, said: "There's a lot of banter about greatest of all time. You can make arguments for a lot of people in that and there's a lot of metrics that you could measure that by, or opinions or whatever that is. If he is not the, he is one of, absolutely for certain - the greatest of all time.

"To do what he has done, to overcome all the things in his career. The positioning and the stuff that he had to get through and hung in there to get where he needed to be. To deal with his physical issues and his health issues to overcome, the pandemic to overcome.

Just everything that he has had to deal with, on the way here. Then to go out there and put on a run like nobody has ever put on before. A run of just epic, epic moments, epic storytelling. I see that word cinema thrown around a lot but it really is."

The Game added: "There's few guys that come along in our business where you say, during that period of time that they were in it. They changed the industry.

"He changed the industry. I mean that in front of the camera, I mean that behind the camera, he's changed the industry. He's that good. I can't say enough good stuff about him."

The rivalry between Rhodes and Reigns, with The Rock also involved, has been incredible and it appeared as though the Head of the Table smiled as he was pinned in the squared circle.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

WWE enters a new era with Rhodes at the helm but the American Nightmare has hailed the man he dethroned, claiming he is responsible for "the greatest championship reign in sports and entertainment".

Rhodes stated: "Roman Reigns, obviously he and I are not good friends, but that's the greatest championship reign in sports and entertainment.

"And as much as I don't agree with his style, and the way he went about being a champion perhaps, I still hope I can be half the champion that he was for WWE, as a leader, as the quarterback."

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