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Vince McMahon had four secret rules during his WWE reign, including strict no-sneezing policy

Chris Byfield

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Vince McMahon had four secret rules during his WWE reign, including strict no-sneezing policy

Vince McMahon had four secret rules while in charge of the WWE, it has been claimed.

McMahon's reign over the WWE has ended after more than 40 years with the company.

The 78-year-old announced in April that he had agreed to sell the company to investors from the Endeavor group for $9.3billion (£7.46billion).

In turn, Monday’s episode of RAW was the last under McMahon’s sole control. The day-to-day operation will remain with Triple H continuing in his current position as the head of creative.


Meanwhile, McMahon will still contribute to running the company, serving as the Executive Chair of the new enterprise while owning 16 per cent.

McMahon purchased the World Wrestling Federation from his father, Vince Sr, back in 1982 and in his time in charge he reportedly had four secret rules.

The strangest said to be imposed is a no-sneezing policy. The 78-year-old reportedly believes that not having control over your nasal organs is a sign of weakness.

Speaking of the rule, Arn Anderson once explained via Wrestletalk: "As I saw things, a person coughing, sneezing or maybe they just came in the door and looked bad, sweating or pale, and the looks that they got, I had a whole different mentality and thought process on that, he would look at these people like he wanted them dead."


Furthermore, according to Sportskeeda, another rule McMahon imposes is that referees must oversell even the tiniest bit of contact.


This is because it gives space in the match for the heel to do something crooked.

McMahon also restricts his stars from looking or talking directly to the camera, preferring conversations in the WWE Universe to be between the athlete and the audience in attendance.


Drew McIntyre broke this rule during WrestleMania 36, by looking at the camera and thanking the WWE fans watching at home after a win over Brock Lesnar.

McIntyre explained: "I did beat him (Lesnar), and I couldn’t help myself going down to the camera and reaching out, and saying ‘thank you’ to everybody. We’re not supposed to look into those cameras, that’s considered breaking the fourth wall. I just couldn’t help it. I just went into the camera and thanked everyone for choosing WWE during these times. Thank you for willing me to win the title."

Finally, McMahon has banned a dictionary of vocabulary. Indeed, beyond swear words, WWE Superstars are not allowed to say “belt”, “title shot” and even “wrestler” among others, instead having to opt for “title”, “title match” and “superstar”.

Mick Foley revealed on an episode of Making Their Way To The Ring With Lillian Garcia, McMahon’s Fury when his talent used the wrong terminology.


Foley said: "I was about to go out there a couple of weeks ago, and I heard Braun Strowman say, ‘I want a title shot.’

“Mr McMahon's behind the curtain, at the board watching the monitor, goes, ‘Oh god, it's not a title shot.’ I was thinking to myself, then what is it?

“That's exactly what I would go to call it when I would go out there. You want a title shot. He's like, ‘It's a title match. It's a match!’ So if you ever wonder what it's like to see a six-foot-eight, 300-pound behemoth get chewed out, you should've been there.”

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Chris Byfield
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