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You may have missed Ivan Perisic taking corners with both feet against Chelsea

You may have missed Ivan Perisic taking corners with both feet against Chelsea

Ivan Perisic showed off his ability to take a corner with both feet.

Ivan Perisic taking corners with both feet for Tottenham against Chelsea has left fans very, very impressed.

The Croatian was a second-half substitute in his side's dramatic 2-2 draw against Chelsea last Sunday.

He played a key role in Harry Kane's last-gasp equaliser as he whipped in a delightful ball from the corner kick.

Perisic whipped in the cross with his left foot - but moments before bagging the crucial assist, he took a corner with his other foot.

The 33-year-old showed off his weaker foot by taking a corner with his right peg.

Spurs fans online loved Perisic's dead ball technique.

One tweeted: "I don’t think people understand how mad it is that Perisic was taking in swinging corners from both sides… with both feet."

A second wrote: "Can we also talk about Perisic putting in worldie corners with both feet. He needs to start next weekend. Something special."

A third added: "Perisic changing feet to make corners on both sides in swingers was beautiful btw."

Another commented: "Perisic taking inswinging corners from both sides with different feet is mental."

It's not the first time Perisic has shown off his ability to use both of his feet.

He scored a right-footed and left-footed penalty during his time in Serie A.

But Perisic isn't the only player who has taken a corner with both feet in the Premier League.

Santi Cazorla once switched foot to take a corner after being instructed to by Laurent Koscielny.

Featured Image Credit: Premier League

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