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Santi Cazorla Proved He's The Most Two-Footed Player Ever With Genius Switch Mid-Corner

Santi Cazorla Proved He's The Most Two-Footed Player Ever With Genius Switch Mid-Corner

Former Arsenal captain Santi Cazorla could take corners and free-kicks with both his left and right foot.

Santi Cazorla proved he's the most two-footed player to ever play in the Premier League with a genius switch mid-corner.

The former Arsenal midfielder was incredibly gifted with the ball at his feet and not many match his raw technical ability.

What separated him from any other midfielder in the league was his talent with both feet. Think back to Cazorla's prime, can you remember which his strongest foot was?

Even his teammates knew and used it to their advantage.

During a game against Watford in 2016, the Gunners had a corner and Cazorla was about to to take it with his right foot.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Captain Laurent Koscielny then gestured to the Spaniard to swap sides which saw him let out a wry smile.

Cazorla jogged over and decided to whip it in with his left foot with barely any time to prepare.

Switching to his left meant the cross had in-swing on it and rather than waste time asking for a teammate to take it, Cazorla decided to take it himself. Fair play.

Arsene Wenger's men would win that game 3-1 and it was Cazorla who opened the scoring with a penalty.

Few can boast that kind of weapon in their arsenal (pun intended) and the 36-year-old opened up on it to the club's official website.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

"I have always preferred the right foot, ever since I was younger. I was a little bit hurt in my right ankle once, and that is when I started to use my left foot a lot more.

"Being able to use both feet is something that came quite naturally to me ever since I started playing.

"However, it is something I continuously work on in a very strong manner to ensure that my level never gets any lower.

"Everything comes from a base of hard work. After training sessions I would stay an extra half-an-hour and kick the ball against the wall with my weaker foot over and over again to make sure it becomes stronger and better."

Featured Image Credit: Image: beIN Sports

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