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5 Best FM22 Mods: Essential Add Ons For Your Save

5 Best FM22 Mods: Essential Add Ons For Your Save

The five best Football Manager 2022 mods for your save.

Football Manager 22 is an absolute delight regardless of extra add-ons and mods. However, if you want to boost your experience exponentially, you'll want to make a few additions to the game. From real club badges to an enhanced gameplay and user interface experience, Football Manager mods have an absolute mountain of potential for enhancing the game.

So, here are the five best FM22 mods to download and install for your game. They're all free, and you should be able to find what you're looking for right here. Who knows, maybe you want a better way to visualise your players' complaints, or edit the game without the official in-game editor. All the mod links have in-depth instructions on how to install them too!

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Real Team Logos Mod

You can see the logos of a lot of teams in Football Manager 2022, but for some leagues, the Premier League included, team badges aren't available. This is due to licensing issues, and the fact that Football Manager doesn't own the rights to use those logos. However, with an unofficial mod, you don't need to worry about this! It's a tweak to your own copy of the game after all.

This is my favourite team logos mod. There are plenty out there, but the Footbe Logos mod has a great level of uniformity to it. The logos all have the same style to them which I really like - they're simplified versions of the real team logos you can recognise easily when they're tiny on your computer screen.

This database of logos has been going since 2011 too, so you have 10 years' worth of logos from 43 divisions (and national teams), including teams who were ever in those divisions. Rejoice if you're a fan of a disgraced former Football League team then!

You can find it on FMScout here.

FM22 Logos
FM22 Logos

All The Info In One Place - The Zealand Skin

Football Manager YouTuber and Streamer Zealand has been working with FM Enhanced, a creator of many skins and styles throughout the history of Football Manager. Players who have never used a skin before might think it's a daunting prospect, and maybe even one that's unnecessary, but there are always those little tweaks that could be made to slightly improve your experience.

That's what I've found in FM22 so far. Sometimes, I'll try to fiddle with columns and rows in tables to no avail in a failed attempt to show all the information I'm looking for at the same time. It's only ever a minor inconvenience, but making the change creates a world of difference.

For example, player profiles now have all the scouting information contract details, and other bits and pieces you previously had to hop onto another page to find. During matches too, you'll see a wider range of analytics and stats to make full use of the screen space you have. It works on all screen resolutions, and even adds a 'Simulate Match' button for those games you just don't fancy showing up for.

There are even small links to Zealand's tutorials on relevant pages if you're into that kind of thing.

You can find it on FM Base here.

Zealand FM Skin
Zealand FM Skin

Football Manager 2022 Real Name Fix

Sick of playing against 'Man UFC'? Wondering why a club called 'Zebre' keep dominating the Italian leagues? Why are all Brazilian clubs' names three letters long? Well, along with the logos pack above, you might fancy fixing those names to the real deal. Finally, you can get trounced by the real Manchester United, and poach wonderkids from Santos FC, as the universe intended.

It'll even tweak competition names too - so the Champions League and Premier League will have their true titles. For those ones, you might fancy downloading the trophies pack for full immersion.

You can grab it from FM Base here.

Real Kit Mods

How about seeing the real kits of the clubs you've sorted the logos and names out for? Well, there's a mod for that. The FC'12 kitpacks offer an ever-growing list of leagues, and they'll show you the correct kit on each team's overview profile. No longer will you have shoddy-looking kits that look like they're from the 1920s - you'll be playing with sponsors, baby.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), you can only download these packs a single league at a time. Grab the leagues you have loaded in your database and go from there to start with.

You can find all the individual kitpacks here on FMInside - remember to check for updates if any leagues are missing at the moment!

Kit packs
Kit packs

The FM Scout Editor

Don't fancy stumping up for the Football Manager 2022 editor? Maybe you want a bit more power in the pocket universe that is your Football Manager save. And who's to say you don't deserve that power? 

FM Scout has a powerful editing tool downloadable for free. It allows you to do all sorts of things, including seeing players' hidden attributes like potential ability, forcing your board to never sack you, and editing players and staff to your whims. 

You can even reverse Brexit, or put every nation in the world in a giant global trade bloc. No more work permit issues! Hooray!

It's downloadable here on FM Scout.

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