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Deontay Wilder Responds To Tyson Fury After He Pulled Out Of Their Rematch

Deontay Wilder Responds To Tyson Fury After He Pulled Out Of Their Rematch

Deontay Wilder has made his feelings perfectly clear to Tyson Fury (and the whole of the boxing world) after it was announced that their rematch had fallen through.

The World Boxing Council officially confirmed that the rematch had been called off, despite the fact that the 33-year-old American boxer wanted the fight.

Fury, on the other hand, has taken on "another fight with [the] expectations to do [a] rematch at a later date," according to the WBC.


However, Wilder has taken to social media to respond to one of the 30-year-old Brit's tweets, which Fury sent out in the same week that he signed a reported £80m deal with ESPN.

"I will fight anyone in world boxing. Don't use boxing politics as an excuse not to challenge me, the lineal heavyweight champ!" Fury wrote.

Well, the Bronze Bomber has had his say on the Gypsy King's message.


"You sorry muthaf***a. We knew you only said this bec[ause] you knew you wasn't fighting me next," he responded.

"#CloutChaser, you requested a warm-up fight first. I don't blame you, tho[ugh], I probably would too if I saw my brains splashed all over the canvas."

So, this rivalry has been turned up a notch.


Oh, and it's worth mentioning in a quick update that Fury has now seen the tweet and responded to it.

"Get yourself a bit more well known in America first kid and then I'll give you another chance!" he wrote.

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Both Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Weigh In Heavier For Upcoming Rematch

Both Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Weigh In Heavier For Upcoming Rematch

published ata year ago

The two boxers initially fought on 1st December, which ended in a controversial split decision.

While the WBC ordered for a second bout between the two boxers for the WBC Heavyweight Championship, it would look like boxing fans will now have to wait for their highly anticipated rematch.

Meanwhile, it could potentially open up the sought-after unification match between Wilder and Anthony Joshua, who will make his US debut on 1st June against Jarrell Miller.

However, boxing legend Evander Holyfield has already backed the Bronze Bomber over AJ.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"All of them are good. With me personally, I think it's Deontay [Wilder] -- regardless of the last fight with Fury," he told TMZ Sports.

"When you knock a guy down like that, and he's down for four seconds -- they usually stop it. They don't wait for the guy to get up.

"I think Deontay [is the best at heavyweight], but I think skill-wise I can say Anthony Joshua, but he won't fight [the best].

"Until you fight somebody it don't really make a difference.

"Deontay stand[s] a chance to beat any of them guys, because he [has] got the knockout power and he's quicker than a lot of guys think he is. He gets better in each and every fight."

Who would win in a unification match out of Wilder and AJ?

Let us know in the comments.

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