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The Only Time That Floyd Mayweather Was Knocked Down In His Career

The Only Time That Floyd Mayweather Was Knocked Down In His Career

Floyd Mayweather went his whole career without being knocked out but there was only one time he was knocked down.

Mayweather won 50 fights in his career and his pragmatic fighting style meant he never tasted any sort of defeat in the ring.


But there was only one incident which saw him drop to the mat.

Check out the video below.

The 42-year-old took a count in a bout against Carlos Hernandez back in 2001.

It occurred in the sixth round after Mayweather clocked the Salvadoran fighter with a left hook.


Mayweather moved his hands to the canvas, complaining about his hand which ended up being ruled as an official knockdown for Hernandez.

It's strange viewing to see Mayweather actually knocked down considering the legend that built around him throughout his career.

He did manage to win the fight convincingly by unanimous decision and retain his WBC and lineal super featherweight titles.

There was also another contentious decision in relation to Mayweather being knocked down five years later.

This incident came against American boxer Zab Judah.

Mayweather took the full force of a right hand jab from Judah and staggered backwards as a result of it and placed his hand on the canvas.

But referee Richard Steele ruled it as a slip by 'The Money' and it did not count as a knockdown in the record books.

It is a very impressive feat to say you have only been officially knocked down once in your career.

One man who has never held back with his opinions of Mayweather is legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

Tyson and Mayweather's well documented feud has often produced entertaining snippets and for many, a moment in 2015 sticks out as one of the best.

It all went down when the pair bumped into each other at a WBC convention at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Mayweather, who was the WBC welterweight and junior middleweight champion at the time, shook hands with those on stage when 'The Baddest Man on the Planet' entered the room.

Tyson soon approached 'Money' and pretended to throw one of those famous right hands before walking away with a smirk on his face.

If it was possible for the two to have a fight, then it's safe to say Tyson would have a chance knocking Mayweather down.

Featured Image Credit: BoxEntertainment

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