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Rey Mysterio's Son Dominik Shows Off Gruesome Injuries Caused By Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio's Son Dominik Shows Off Gruesome Injuries Caused By Seth Rollins

Dominik is now a WWE superstar and will take on Rollins at SummerSlam.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

WWE legend Rey Mysterio's son Dominik has shown off gruesome injuries caused by Seth Rollins ahead of their huge showdown at SummerSlam.

Dominik officially signed with the Raw brand last night and is looking to avenge his father, who had his eye 'gouged out' by Rollins last month.

But the 23-year-old got more than he bargained for when the 'Monday Night Messiah' and disciple Murphy demolished him with kendo sticks.

He was tied between the ropes and struck by both men multiple times.

The third generation star was left with visible marks that were posted to social media.

Mysterio is desperate to get his hands on the former WWE Champion after the damage he caused his father at Extreme Rules.

The pair faced off in the first-ever 'Eye for an Eye' match which was won by Rollins.

He jammed Mysterio's eye into the ring steps and then threw up after seeing the damage he had caused.

The luchador was said to be treaed for 'globe luxation' and he hasn't been seen on TV since.

Fans are excited to see Dominik wrestle his first match for the company after seeing him on screen as far back as 2005.

He rose to prominence as part of his father's feud with Eddie Guerrero in 2005, when Guerrero claimed Dominik was his son.

The feud eventually ended in a 'Custody of Dominik' ladder match at SummerSlam which Mysterio won.

Dominik then popped up again in 2019 and begun accompanying his father to the ring for matches.

One highlight came at Survivor Series when he performed a double 619 with Rey on Brock Lesnar, before hitting 'The Beast Incarnate' with a frog splash.

When asked about his son's wrestling training, Rey told The Mirror: "I think he is definitely creating his own path and his own style.


"But, as we all do at some point, we tend to fit patterns to our favourite wrestlers, and the people we grew up watching and who inspired us.

"Believe it or not, as heavy and as big as he is, he is doing a lot of stuff I wish I could have done from the early days of my career."

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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