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Rey Mysterio's Son Made His Return To WWE TV And He's Grown Up A Lot

Rey Mysterio's Son Made His Return To WWE TV And He's Grown Up A Lot

Dominic Mysterio changed a lot...

Josh Lawless

Josh Lawless

Rey Mysterio's son was back on WWE TV on Tuesday night and it's made us feel very, very old.

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, you may recall one particular storyline that the Master of the 619 was involved in with Eddie Guerrero back in 2005, where he and the late wrestler fought over the custody of Rey's real-life son, Dominic.

The two were tag team champions together after beating the Basham Brothers at No Way Out but became divided and subsequently met in a match at Wrestlemania while they were both still tag team champions, with Mysterio winning.

Image: WWE
Image: WWE

Anyway, as Guerrero grew jealous of Mysterio, he abandoned him in a match with 'MNM', attacked him after a gruelling street fight with his nephew Chavo Guerrero and revealed that he had an untold secret about Mysterio.

In storyline, the families of both men begged the secret not to be let out, with Mysterio beating Eddie in a match at the Great American Bash - thus preventing Guerrero from telling the world exactly what the secret was.

However, Guerrero, portraying a villain at the time, revealed the secret anyway and claimed that he was the biological father and that he passed him on to Rey and his wife Angie because they were having issues starting a family of their own.

His "I'M YOUR PAPI!" catchphrase became memorable as a result of the mad angle.

An eight-year old Dominic was then brought into the storyline and used in a controversial angle where Mysterio and Guerrero had a ladder match at Summerslam, with the custody of Rey's son on the line. Two men genuinely had a wrestling match to decide who was to be the kid's parent and guardian.

Mysterio unhooked the briefcase, which contained the custody papers, thanks to outside interference from Guerrero's wife Vickie.

Fast forward some 14 years and little Dominic is an absolute unit these days. He appeared on Smackdown LIVE on Tuesday alongside his father, who made the announcement that he will be challenging Samoa Joe for the United States championship at Wrestlemania.

Dominic, now 21 years of age and standing at around six feet tall, said he will ringside for the bout and called Joe a "bully" - which would suggest some sort of physical altercation between the two will ensue.

He's been taking part in wrestling training for quite some time now, spending time learning from former WWE superstar Lance Storm.

And it seems he already has a name sorted in the future as it was reported Myserterio filed a trademark for "Principe Mysterio," translates to 'Prince Mysterio'.be a fitting name for the heir to the fan-favourite Rey.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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