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Amazing WWE fan theory over Seth Rollins' 'pure cinema' WrestleMania moment will blow your mind

Amazing WWE fan theory over Seth Rollins' 'pure cinema' WrestleMania moment will blow your mind

Seth Rollins ended up playing a huge role in the WrestleMania 40 main event, where Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns.

A WWE fan theory has emerged surrounding Seth Rollins' involvement in the WrestleMania 40 main event.

Cody Rhodes avenged last year's loss and finally dethroned Roman Reigns to become undisputed WWE universal champion.

Reigns had held the title for 1316 days in a historic reign before the back-to-back Royal Rumble winner pinned him after three Cross-Rhodes.

But his victory came following interference aplenty from a host of big names after the bout was contested under 'Bloodline Rules'.

Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa, John Cena, The Rock and The Undertaker all got involved in one of the greatest sequences in WWE history.

But it was Rollins who had arguably the biggest and most important role. He had teamed with Rhodes the night before in a losing effort against The Rock and Reigns and lost his WWE world title to Drew McIntyre earlier on in night two's opener.

Yet he had promised Rhodes that he would be his 'Shield' and he followed through - appearing in his old attire and with his former Hounds of Justice music.

Rollins received a Superman Punch when he entered the ring with a chair that was used against him by Reigns.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Yet the storytelling on show was close to perfection. Rollins had done the same thing to Reigns ten years prior when he sold out and stabbed his Shield brothers in the back.

The Tribal Chief could not let it slide and after being disqualified against Rollins at their Royal Rumble 2022 match when he got inside his head, he fell into the same trap.

This time he chose to even the scores and take his off Rhodes, who capitalised.

@SUPERZOMGBBQ's post on the finish went viral, racking up 1.2 million views after he explained the part Rollins played.

He wrote: "Rollins interfered as Cody Rhodes's 'Shield'. Which in itself was a shot at Roman's weakness. But the Shield Music, Entrance, lack of offence and the chair... it was a set up.

"He wasn't supposed to attack anyone. He brought the chair with him knowing that if Roman saw the opportunity, if he showed his back to him, Reigns would get distracted from Cody and finally get revenge for what Seth did. Ultimately, it was Seth Rollins's sacrifice that opened the door for Cody to win.

"In that defining moment Cody defeated Reigns physically, but Rollins defeated him mentally. Just like in 2014, with a single chair to the back, Seth Rollins took everything from Roman Reigns."

Rollins is now expected to take around a month off after a tireless run with the WWE world title.

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