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Fans think WWE teased two huge WrestleMania 40 returns at the end of Raw episode

Fans think WWE teased two huge WrestleMania 40 returns at the end of Raw episode

WWE fans are convinced that the closing segment involving The Rock and Cody Rhodes was

Fans are convinced that WWE have hinted at two huge WrestleMania 40 returns in the end of the latest Monday Night Raw broadcast.

The show at the Allstate Arena in Chicago finished with The Rock unleashing a brutal and bloody attack on Cody Rhodes.

Having earlier interrupted the Royal Rumble winner, the WWE legend, now referring to himself as 'The Final Boss', ambushed him and smashed him against his own bus.

The TKO board member wiped Rhodes' blood on a weight belt with the words' 'Mama Rhodes' in a sick taunt at the American Nightmare's mother Michelle.

It was one of the most shocking finales in Raw history going into WrestleMania 40.

But fans noticed what they think is a serious easter egg about what might be about to happen at the Show of Shows in Philadelphia.

While the villainous Rock was pummelling Rhodes, images of Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena were visible on the production trucks.

The trucks would typically have current full-time stars on and so many believe the placement of the Rock's two biggest rivals in the background was done on purpose.

Image: TNT Sports
Image: TNT Sports

It appears as though Austin and Cena could be coming back at WrestleMania to help Rhodes.

One wrote: "They have a Marvel guy in their team back there so I will definitely look deep into this framing of this shot."

A second said: "This was 1000% done on purpose."

A third predicted: "Cena and Austin saving Cody at mania to help Cody win. Oh my god please…"

A fourth added: "Cody getting the avengers next Sunday night."

A final user commented: "When cena’s trumpets hit, the rock takes him out and then the glass shatters."

Rhodes is challenging formidable WWE undisputed universal champion Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania for the second consecutive year.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

But first, on night one, he will team with former rivals Seth Rollins against the Rock and Reigns in a star-studded tag team match.

If Rhodes and Rollins win, the Bloodline will be banned from ringside for the title bout.

But if they lose, the stipulation will be 'Bloodline rules' at the end of night two.

Clearly plenty think as though everything points towards Cena and Austin evening the odds and helping Rhodes "finish his story".

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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