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The two WWE superstars Vince McMahon is still in contact with since resigning

The two WWE superstars Vince McMahon is still in contact with since resigning

Former WWE chief Vince McMahon is still in regular contact with two wrestlers despite resigning from the TKO board.

Vince McMahon is reportedly still in contact with two WWE superstars following on from his resignation from the TKO board.

Back January, McMahon resigned from his position as executive chairman after serious allegations of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

Although his daughter Stephanie and wife Linda were present, WWE then held the first WrestleMania without any involvement from McMahon in April.

In recent times the company have made many mentions of the current regime being 'the Paul Levesque era', with son-in-law Triple H running things as head of creative and chief content officer.

McMahon has been selling $293 million's worth of shares in TKO and a new report from NBC carries details as to what he has been up to since he stepped down following former employee Janel Grant's lawsuit against him.

Citing sources, it's said that the 78-year-old regularly takes trips to Manhattan, New York, and has been meeting friends at an Italian restaurant.

He also recently taken vacations to Italy and the Turks and Caicos Islands and returned home with "seven kittens and a puppy" on a private plane after the latter.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The animals have been adopted by close friends.

He is believed to have been in touch with former United States president and friend Donald Trump, as well as remaining in communication with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and John Cena - two WWE legends who transitioned into Hollywood stars.

In terms of in-person meetings, he sees his barber every fortnight for a haircut.

According to Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, McMahon is currently serving a one-year non-compete clause in an agreement made when he exited TKO's board.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

January 2025 is when that clause would expire.

Meltzer said: "While my belief is that McMahon is done in wrestling, given he’s 78 years old, from a legal standpoint he does have a one-year non-compete end in late January 2025. He can, at that point, start up a new promotion."

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