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WWE fans think the PG era is officially over after what CM Punk said to Drew McIntyre

WWE fans think the PG era is officially over after what CM Punk said to Drew McIntyre

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre became embroiled on another war of words on WWE Raw on Monday.

WWE fans think the PG era is officially over following the heated exchange between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre on Raw.

In recent times WWE's programming has featured a wide range of expletives and influx of blood, moving away from its relatively friendly way of doing things.

A lot of it happened during the bitter rivalry between The Rock and Cody Rhodes, with the former, a TKO board member, dropping plenty of F-bombs in various segments.

It was alleged that some WWE superstars had questioned why The Rock was getting preferential treatment when they were being reminded what the guidelines are.

'The Final Boss' described those claims as "complete horses***" on social media and continued to use colourful language.

However, in the Triple H era, it seem sas though plenty of other stars are being given more freedom.

On the latest episode of Raw, CM Punk pulled no punches on rival McIntyre when he called him a "little b***h" after he was announced as a third-round draft pick.

And the insult was enough to prompt WWE fans into believing that the PG era is long gone.

One wrote: "Finally PG era is over."

A second said: "We are getting that each day now. RIP PG Era!"

A third tweeted: "I might just tap back into my pro wrestling bag!!!"

Another person commented: "I don’t think anyone knows just how long I’ve been waiting for this time to come."

A final user added: "It’s soo done and I love it."

The aforementioned profanity has been delivered on occasion but Triple H has been very clear in how he wants the approach to be in regards to expletives on TV.

"There's a time for everything, but it's got to be done in moderation," he said on the IMPAULSIVE podcast.

"It's got to be done when it's right. If everything you say is cussing, who cares? You just tune that out and it doesn't matter. But right now, we're so clean on it that Rock says something, given his position as 'disruptor' and the guy coming in from the outside, it's believable that he has that leeway and doesn't care. He can do those things and it's shocking, because it's not been that way."

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