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The Rock addresses whether he’ll wrestle again for WWE after WrestleMania

The Rock addresses whether he’ll wrestle again for WWE after WrestleMania

The Rock has broken his silence on his future WWE plans.

The Rock has broken his silence on whether or not he will wrestle again following his outing at WrestleMania 40 on Saturday.

Dwayne Johnson, 51, featured in his first full match in 11 years on Saturday - as he joined Roman Reigns to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins at Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia.

The Rock initially retired from the sport back in 2003 due to injury, with the match at WrestleMania being his first full event in 21 years.

He marked his return in style as he pinned Rhodes - after 45-minutes of action - to seal the win and ensure Bloodline Rules will be used for the upcoming clash between Reigns and Rhodes at Sunday's main event.

Speaking after the win, Johnson was questioned whether or not the WWE had further plans for The Rock in the near future.

To which he responded: "There might be. I can’t elaborate more on that, but there might be. We’ll see.”

The 51-year-old also went on to praise the WWE and the event as a whole, where he added: "I think that Triple H has done a tremendous job as our chief creative officer.

"I like pushing things and new times. It feels like in professional wrestling that this is a new era.

"It was a special night. This was the beginning of something, the beginning of something new.

"I think from a company stand point, this is an exciting time for the company, for WWE, for TKO.

"You felt the convergence towards the end of the year. I was fortunate enough to come back. It's an exciting time and we capped off day one of WrestleMania, which we stated would be the greatest of all time, which is saying a lot.

"We collectively, as a company and a team, put out a really good show tonight."

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