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KSI knocked out cold by Randy Orton with wrestling move, fans have praised how well he sold it

KSI knocked out cold by Randy Orton with wrestling move, fans have praised how well he sold it

The boxer and YouTube star was dropped at WWE Smackdown

KSI was 'knocked out' by Randy Orton at WWE Smackdown in front of a stunned Logan Paul - and fans have had their say on the YouTuber's experience in a different kind of ring.

The 30-year-old boxer appeared at the wrestling event in Dallas, Texas, as he and Paul promoted their Prime energy drink.

KSI has six professional boxing bouts under his belt, four of which are victories, one was a no contest, and the other a defeat at the hands of Tommy Fury last year.

Prime is hoping to rival Red Bull in the energy drink market and both KSI and Paul are two of the brand's main promoters.

At the event, the Prime logo was emblazoned on the mat of the wrestling ring as the energy drink was confirmed as it will be the sponsor of all premium live WWE events in the future, and it will start at the upcoming Wrestlemania XL.

As it was announced, Paul told the booing crowd: "One could almost say that the WWE is in its prime.

"No Dallas, you're not dreaming. My company, Prime Hydration, has partnered with the WWE."

With there being a pantomime element to WWE, wrestling star Orton chased Paul out of the ring, and then turned to KSI.

Orton then proceeded to perform his signature move on KSI and the YouTuber was left 'knocked out' on the canvas of the ring.

Now, whether KSI was actually out cold is a matter of debate - certainly compared to the likes of boxing and MMA - but fans have taken to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter to commend the YouTuber for how well he sold it.

@TheBomberJensen wrote: "Bro what is this simulation."

@Kuma4King posted: "Bro I cant lie KSI took that really well... imagine KSI vs Logan Paul in a hell in a cell... I would 100% watch it if KSI can wrestle as good as Logan."

@notnuserhi wrote: "KSI sells rko better than Logan Paul."

@Ahlexmoralex posted: "Bro what’s this stimulation."

@sandy_ldn wrote: "Dammm that looked like it hurt."

@ixWebb posted: "Holy s**t he felt that 100000%."

Later on, Paul hit back as he returned to the ring with brass knuckles to floor Orton."

If you haven't seen it yet, have a look below and see what you reckon...

Featured Image Credit: X/Screengrab/@HappyPunch

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