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iShowSpeed received a special gift after Randy Orton RKO at WrestleMania

iShowSpeed received a special gift after Randy Orton RKO at WrestleMania

Speed was hit with a brutal RKO by Randy Orton during the United States Championship triple threat match.

YouTube star iShowSpeed was given a special gift after being on the receiving end of an RKO by Randy Orton at WrestleMania 40.

Speed appeared as part of the triple threat match between Logan Paul, Kevin Owens and Orton on WrestleMania Sunday.

Paul won the match by hitting a frog splash on Owens to retain his United States Championship.

Speed - real name Darren Watkins - gained his share of the attention during the encounter, as he was inside the lifesize Prime bottle that often accompanies Paul for his big WWE matches.

KSI was in the costume for last year's WrestleMania, but as he was hit by an RKO during an episode of SmackDown in March, the decision was (probably) taken to give him the night off from taking WWE finishing moves.

After being pushed by Speed outside the ring, Orton responded with a kick that sent the walking Prime bottle flying.

That wasn't all, though, as 'The Viper' lifted the 19-year-old up onto the announce table as commentators Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Pat McAfee watched on.

Speed still managed to perform one of his greatest hits, repeatedly barking Cristiano Ronaldo's name in Orton's face, but was then sent crashing onto the table by a devastating RKO.

He didn't move for the remainder of the match, but was eventually helped up by McAfee and walked out of the arena with Paul.

After both men had returned home, Paul decided to surprise Speed with an incredible gift for his efforts at WrestleMania 40.

'The Maverick' held his hands over Speed's eyes, before presenting him with a Tesla Cybertruck - which has a starting price of £66,000 in the United States.

Speed's emotion was there for all to see, as he shouted: "You got to f***ing stop this bro! You've got to be lying bro. No way you gave me this! No way this dude gave me this Starship!"

He then got in the car with Paul and took it for a drive - and even running over the bow that was wrapped in didn't dampen the excitement.

Footage also showed KSI's reaction to finding out that Speed was taking his place in the Prime bottle costume - and he wasn't impressed.

While the RKO might have dealt some damage, it was a successful night for both Paul and Speed - as the former retained his United States Championship, and the latter got a £66,000 truck. Not a bad WrestleMania 40.

Featured Image Credit: iShowSpeed/YouTube

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