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Logan Paul frog splashes KSI through the announce table at WrestleMania

Logan Paul frog splashes KSI through the announce table at WrestleMania

The Maverick was joined by his Prime business partner at WrestleMania - but it didn't end well for the pair.

Logan Paul was once again a highlight of WrestleMania in his matchup against Seth Rollins on night one of the event.

But it was a moment that no one could’ve predicted happening that stole the show.

The internet sensation entered SoFi stadium on a zipline in one of the most over-the-top entrances of all time - and that’s saying something considering the WWE loves its extravagant entrances.

Joining him on his walk down to the ring was, of course, a mascot dressed as a bottle of Prime.

Got to get that promotion in at any chance.

The match with Rollins was filled with top athleticism, wacky spots, and absolute madness - as has become the case with many Logan Paul matchups.

During one point in the match, the Prime mascot helped the Maverick escape from the ring as the former WWE champion had lined up a move.

The mascot then revealed himself to be none other than the Ohio native’s business partner - KSI.

That was a shocking moment, but the madness wasn’t over.

The fight got taken to the outside as the pair teamed up to get Rollins laid out across the announce table as Paul lined up for a frog splash which he has become known for in WWE.

However, KSI got a little too close as he attempted to take a selfie video and capture the moment in real time.

But as Logan took a sip of Prime and looked up into the air to take his leap, Rollins grabbed KSI and pulled him on top of the table instead.

It was too late for the two former boxing rivals, as Logan had already taken his jump and crashed directly through KSI and the Spanish announce table.

I don’t think anyone would’ve predicted such a moment to happen at WrestleMania.

It was absolute chaos as the British YouTuber found himself motionless on top of pieces of a broken table.

Rollins would bring the 28-year-old back into the ring and finish off the matchup with a curb stomp to secure the win.

Although he took the loss on this occasion, no doubt Paul once again stole the show at a WWE event.

But not a great day at the office for the Prime partners.

Featured Image Credit: WWE/Binge.

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