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John Cena made ridiculously low amount for first acting role outside of WWE

John Cena made ridiculously low amount for first acting role outside of WWE

John Cena took the internet by storm by appearing nude at the Oscars, but his acting career started with an extremely low pay cheque.

John Cena has managed to transition himself from one of the most iconic WWE Superstars to a genuine member of Hollywood in the last decade, but the wrestling sensation had to work his way up the acting ladder.

Cena is estimated to be worth approximately US$60 million, a significant departure from his earlier days of competing in eating contests to secure a free meal.

Cena built up the majority of his wealth through his role in the WWE, but the 46-year-old began his journey to acting stardom quite early in his career.

The American made his big screen debut in 2006 thanks to WWE Studios where he landed the lead role in The Marine, which saw him earn $280,000 for the lead role.

However, after stepping away from WWE Studios for the first time, Cena saw a considerable pay cut.

According to Money Nation, Cena earned just $25,000 for playing the lead character’s dad in Fred: The Movie and its sequel, and $30,000 for Fred 3.

Cena didn't stop there, however, and made his breakthrough into mainstream Hollywood when he portrayed the love interest of Amy Schumer's character in Trainwreck.

His salary for the 2015 film was reported to be US$2.5 million, a big increase from his role in the Fred franchise.

The wrestler has continued to progress through the industry and starred in the 2021 blockbuster 'The Suicide Squad' and more recently he made a cameo appearance in Barbie.

His recent high-profile roles saw him get the opportunity to present an award at the 2024 Oscars, and how Cena did so has taken the internet by storm.

Cena at the Oscars
Cena at the Oscars

Cena, who recently joined OnlyFans, came on stage wearing nothing but sandals and a watch, with the envelope containing the winner just about hiding his manhood.

The skit came after host Jimmy Kimmel joked about how a streaker interrupted the presentation of the same award 50 years ago.

Featured Image Credit: Getty and Fred the Movie

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