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Eddie Guerrero Won The WWE Title 18 Years Ago Today

Eddie Guerrero Won The WWE Title 18 Years Ago Today

Guerrero is regarded as one of the greatest WWE performers of all time and Latino Heat became champion in emotional circumstances.

Eddie Guerrero had an incredible career in WWE and his emotional title victory over Brock Lesnar at No Way Out happened 18 years ago.

Guerrero is one of the greatest wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the famed 'squared circle,' providing hours of entertainment to millions as one of the best technicians.

Latino Heat was as well known for his charisma and personality as his ability as a wrestler and he was loved by WWE fans around the world.

Guerrero had famous rivalries with Rey Mysterio, Batista, Chyna and JBL but his most iconic match came against Brock Lesnar, in which he won his only ever WWE Championship.

It came at the No Way Out pay-per-view in February 2004, in a half an hour match in which the Mexican-American spent a large amount of time being battered.

However he came out on top, thanks to some interference from Goldberg, and the final three count was met with an amazing outpouring of emotion from the fans.

As well as the incredible moment he won the title, the fans would get another chance to celebrate the win a few nights later.

His first entrance on SmackDown after becoming the champion is just as emotionally charged and gave a new set of fans the chance to bask in his glory.

Guerrero would go on to defend the title a month later at WrestleMania XX, beating Kurt Angle at Madison Square Garden in one of the main events.

The show finished with an image that was iconic at the time but became tragic not too long after, with Guerrero hugging friend Chris Benoit, who won the World Heavyweight Championship on the same night.

Both men were dead just over three years after the moment, both tragically, both in extremely different circumstances.

He tragically died, aged just 38, in 2005 from an acute heart failure, just five days after his final ever match, defeating Mr Kennedy on SmackDown.

Guerrero's title win remains one of the great moments in wrestling history and the anniversary of it always allows people to celebrate the memory of his life.

A great man and a wonderful talent was taken away from us far too early. He lied, he cheated and he stole his way into our hearts.


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