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Brock Lesnar Lifts Up WWE Ring With Tractor In Insane SummerSlam Moment

Brock Lesnar Lifts Up WWE Ring With Tractor In Insane SummerSlam Moment

Wrestling viewers lost their goddamn minds after the former WWE champion caused a raucous courtesy of a big red tractor.

WWE fans were treated to an absolutely insane moment over the weekend at SummerSlam, courtesy of Brock Lesnar and a tractor. 

Wrestling viewers lost their goddamn minds after the former WWE champion arrived to the ring for his match against Roman Reigns in a giant red tractor. 

Wearing a cowboy hat and flannel shirt, Lesnar looked like business in one of the most memorable entrances in WWE history.

Of course, WWE diehards know an entrance can be more iconic than the wrestling itself, and this was certainly no exception.

Reigns was blown away by the ridiculous prop, but the crowd was absolutely loving it.

However, the insanity wasn’t complete there. 

To the absolute astonishment of fans, commentators, and Roman Reigns himself, Lesnar proceeded to do something never done in the WWE before.

Lesnar, the ‘big ass country boy himself’, looked at home as he hopped in the tractor midway through the Last Man Standing match, and proceeded to position the tractor scoop underneath one corner of the ring.

The former UFC star then looked Reigns in the eye as he lifted the ring up with the WWE champion still positioned inside, literally flipping Reigns out of the ring as he elevated the squared circle.

Another moment saw Brock throw Roman into the front loader, raise it into the air and then dump him back inside the ring.

It was brutal. It was savage. It was iconic.

People on social media couldn't believe what they were seeing.

One person wrote: "This version of Brock Lesnar will be forever GOATed. Dude is next level when he doesn’t care and is just having a good time."

Another added: "Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns last match is the greatest last man standing match of all time. Proved all the doubters wrong by putting on an all timer in their last match together. Legends."

A third said: "Little bit of a serious post here. If tonight was Brock Lesnar’s last match ever, he went out on a banger. Ty for everything GOAT."

Despite all these incredible moments inside and outside the ring, it wasn't enough to see Lesnar take home the championship belt.

The Usos surprised Brock and that momentary break allowed Reigns a chance to exact some revenge, as he kept Lesnar down for a 10 count. 

The loss didn't seem to faze Lesnar too much as he climbed back inside the raised ring and saluted his fans.

While it wasn't the ending that some fans were expecting or hoping for, it certainly has left a mark on the WWE.

That is how you make an entrance. That is how you keep people entertained.

Featured Image Credit: WWE Network.

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