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Martin Brundle Gets Awkwardly Denied A Grid Interview By Simone Ashley

Martin Brundle Gets Awkwardly Denied A Grid Interview By Simone Ashley

The Sky Sports pundit's grid interviews have grown a cult following among fans, however, the Bridgerton actor wasn't having a bar of it.

Formula 1 fans have been left divided after Bridgerton star Simone Ashley awkwardly denied longtime pundit Martin Brundle an interview at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Brundle’s pre-race walks have grown a cult following among racing fans as he searches for famous faces to join him for a quick chat on the grid. 

However, his encounter with Simone Ashley, or more so, her security was an extremely awkward and abrupt one.

Brundle approached the actor for a chat just before lights out in Monte Carlo, however, her security guard stepped in to deny the interview.

The security guard said: “She doesn’t want to do any TV.”

Not taking no for an answer, Brundle replied: “She doesn’t want to do any TV? Well, we are kind of halfway there already.

“It’s so good to see her on the grid. I’m not going to push but I’d like to have a chat with you.”

With Ashley rather rudely refusing to make any eye contact while her security batted away Brundle's advances, the Sky Sports pundit had not other option but to turn his back and walk away, awkwardly quipping: “That’s fine, whatever.”

The encounter has left fans in two states of mind online, with some disappointed in Ashley’s denial of the interview, and others calling out Brundle for pestering the actor.

One social media user said: “Ouch, Simone Ashley missing one of the points of being in Monaco on the F1 grid.

“Martin Brundle is an institution. Love to Patrick Dempsey for the respect shown."

Whilst one user pointed out that being on the F1 grid while avoiding being on TV is almost impossible.

They said: “Simone Ashley saying she doesn't want to be on TV while standing on the F1 grid is so odd.

"You're in Monaco at a high profile event as a high profile person.

"Avoiding cameras is like trying to avoid raindrops in a thunderstorm. Don't get annoyed when you get wet."

Whilst others disagreed with the sentiment.

One user tweeted: “This is the type of harassing behaviour women go through on the daily from men. Martin Brundle was told no. Instead of respecting that he continued pestering Simone Ashley. 

‘He was disrespectful and unprofessional as a journalist - and that should be called out.”

While Screen Rant journalist Rob Gordon tweeted: “People getting angry at Simone Ashley for not doing an interview on the Monaco grid? Celebs on the grid have sometimes turned down interviews for as long as I've been watching the sport. 

“She's not entitled to give an interview there, and nor is any other celebrity at F1.”

Brundle has interviewed the likes of David Beckham and DJ Khaled in the past and even managed to catch a word with actors Patrick Dempsey and Kit Harrington this time around.

As for Simone Ashley, doesn’t seem like Brundle will be ticking that interview off the list any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: Formula 1.

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