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Speed and KSI have made the most outrageous World Cup bet which could end very badly for both

Speed and KSI have made the most outrageous World Cup bet which could end very badly for both

The YouTube stars were recently on a live stream together.

YouTube personalities Speed and KSI have agreed to an outrageous bet involving Portugal and England at the World Cup.

We're just under two weeks away from this year's tournament kicking off in Qatar. Predictions are starting to pour in regarding who will win the competition.

South American rivals Brazil and Argentina are among the favourites, while holders France can't be ruled out with their stacked squad.

During a recent livestream, however, popular online duo Speed and KSI made some very bold predictions.

Speed believes Portugal, spearheaded by idol Cristiano Ronaldo in attack, will win the World Cup. KSI, meanwhile, has backed England to bounce back from 2018's semi-final heartbreak and capture international football's most prestigious prize for the first time since 1966.

Both men were unwavering in their picks. It saw KSI lay down a tasty wager.

The 29-year-old said: "You should put some money on the line," before changing his mind. "Okay, I'll give you £100k if Portugal win. If England win, you gotta tattoo 'KSI is the best' somewhere on your body."

Speed immediately replies: "That's a deal bro. That's a fat-ass deal bro. Let's lock it in."

The bet was then officially locked in, adding an extra layer of intrigue over the next few weeks.

It's unlikely either side wins the World Cup but don't let that get in the way of Speed potentially earning a shedload of cash or getting 'KSI is the best' tattooed on him.

The teenager recently released his own World Cup song to get in the mood for when it all kicks off on November 20.

He posted an official video for 'World Cup' to his 12.7 million subscribers on Saturday. In four days, it's already racked up 9.2 million views.

It'll shock nobody to hear Speed wears a Ronaldo jersey throughout the video while setting up a potential Argentina vs Portugal final.

Speed's song is a hit online. (Image

That would see Ronaldo face longtime rival Lionel Messi in a contest that could decide the greatest player of all time.

Speed's song has proven popular, with many joking they'd rather it be the World Cup's official song. An official anthem was produced by Budweiser featuring rapper Lil Baby but it's been received poorly. The World Cup opens with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador.

Featured Image Credit: Speed

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